which accessories is the best?3 best accessories

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By Helen

which accessories is the best?Let's see the 3 best accessories !


LUSH Massage Bar Tin

Review by pulidobl: Only worth it if it's free (when you buy 2 bars). Great for storing! I think they make it 4.95 to encourage you to buy 2 massage bars.
Update: price of tins has been lowered to 2.95 correct me if I'm wrong

Review by oneofmylies99: These tins are great. Not as great as the shampoo bar tin (they click shut) but almost. I use these for massage bars and it works just fine. I would never pay 4.95 for one but I get em free all the time. Handy little tin.

Review by kimmie578: I got my tin for free..(yes I got 2 bars)....I don't see what's with all the bad reviews. the tin keeps my bar it great condition and perfect for travel. It's worth it if you get it for free!

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Marc Jacobs Venetia handbag - all colors

Review by stellaluna2: This bag is a great buy. I can use it with just about anything. There is more than enough room for all of my things. This bag isnt cheap, but didnt break th ebank either and I absolutely adore Marc Jacobs and most all of their products. This is a bag that you wont be dissapointed in.

Review by catlover9_9: This was love at first sight for me. I absolutely love this bag! It's right up there with the Luella Bartley Giselle tote; which will be my next eventual purchase. This tote is snazzy and has enough room for ALL the stuff I need to carry! Love, love, love it.

Review by fuxxy: I love this bag! I use it as a document holder, carry gym stuff, regular handbag. This bag can be dressed up or down with any attire.

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Revlon sharpener

Review by guitarzan: Awesome product! Two turns and your liners are sharp as a pin point! Love it! Thanks MUA!

Review by abrilio: I love this sharpener. I still haven't found any pencil that wouldn't fit in it. It brings an extra piece that you just put to adjust to smaller size pencils. Love it!! It fit my clinique chubby pencils, my Benefit Eye Bright, Estee Lauder lip liners, everything you name it! would buy again if I need to.

Review by lipstik: Wow I am on a roll with the drugstore brands. Well anyway, this sharpener is ab fab. It only takes one turn to get a point which is important for an eyeliner and lipliner addict. I just tested out the one I bought for my mom; wow. I will be going back tomorrow to get an extra for me and throw my old one away.

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