what to look for when buying a shampoo?3 good shampoos

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By Helen

what to look for when buying a shampoo?Let's see the 3 good shampoos !


Korres Laurel and Echinacea shampoo against dandruff and dry scalp

Review by iberian: excellent product, purifies, treats scaly skin, while hydrating and leaving hair, very manageable and shiny
bought it in greece for 7euros!

Review by joheinous: Nice smell, nice shampoo but did not do what it advertises. My scalp is still dry and dandruff is still there. It did not irritate my scalp so that was a plus. Would not purchase again though.

Review by oopsygirl: i had a huge problem with my hair and this baby solved it! i use it with korres peeling for hair and sculp.

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Matrix Biolage - Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Review by taskeeng: Dandruff has been a lifelong problem for me. Even dermatologist PRESCRIPTION shampoo did nothing to improve the condition of my scalp. Years later, I finally bought the Biolage Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner, and I haven't had a problem with dandruff since. In addition, I also alternate different shampoo and conditioners, as well as using a comb in the shower to prevent product build up. This product is a life saver!

Review by bebejacket: Always had a problem with dandruff but did not like the overpowering scent of dandruff shampoo. This shampoo has a really nice scent and also lathers very well. It does the job it is supposed to do without drying out my hair. Also use the conditioner which I am very pleased with. I use it everyday.

Review by London84: LOVE this shampoo...don't know if it really works with controlling dandruff for those who battle dandruff chronically, but it did solve my scalp-irritation issues from using other, more drying shampoos. This shampoo left my thick, color-treated hair feeling soft and manageable.

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Joico Chelating shampoo (k-pak line)

Review by Cordelia: This is an awesome chelating shampoo. I have tried many, and they all have left my hair dry, tangled and crisp but this surprised me as it is so gentle yet effective... Not one knot after rinsing!

Review by sjcsmall: Best clarifying shampoo I've tried hands down so totally worth the money. I don't use any products on my hair so I only use this once a month to get rid of residual cones and bring back intense shine. It does leave everything squeaky clean and so the frizz is an issue but within the next wash (using one n only Argan oil shampoo and conditioner) the problem is sorted. In love with the smell and richness of it and it is far cheaper than other high brand chelating shampoos. Will absolutely repurchase!

Review by shelby1123: Some clarifying shampoos are meant for heavy product buildup and just overdry hair that is suffering from mineral residue. This one is different. Unlike the old vinegar rinse, which only removes calcium desposits, this removes chlorine, iron, and other metal deposits as well. I left it on for at least 2 minutes and all the hard water desposits were gone, the brassy discoloration on my ends was gone, and it left my hair soft and not overdried. If you have really hard water, you'll see wonderful results from this.
FYI: Since this shampoo chemically binds to minerals in water in order to remove them from your hair, you WILL find gel-like clumps in this shampoo if any water gets in it, which usually happens with most shampoos that are left in a shower or tub stall. Just re-mix and use...it should work fine despite the clumps.

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