what to look for when buying a pressed powder?3 good pressed powder

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By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a pressed powder?Let's see the 3 good pressed powder !


Prescriptives Virtual Skin Pressed Powder

Review by bossanovaville: I really like this powder its highly pigmented, and has controllable coverage. Im sorry to say that they are discontinuing this powder and replacing it with flawless powder, which is a horrible replacement. At 25.00 its not the cheapest but I've seen way more expensive. As for the packaging what can i say signature prescriptives gray,soooo ugly, but for such a great powder i didnt really care.

Review by ninanina: This is my favorite pressed powder, great color selection, and its nice and light

Review by belle2216: Px products are often not too bad ... but the quality of the packaging could be improved a little. It smashed immediately when i accidentally dropped it after juz one use. Sigh~~

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Lancome Photogenic Compact

Review by Sybil84: This seemed to make my very oily skin even shinier! It was almost thick..as if it were a foundation instead of a powder. Made me look VERY "made up." Had to blot more than usual. Returned this item after using it twice.

Review by OutofControl: Not sure if this will be my HG powder but I've been using it for a year and no major complaints about it!! I'm actually on my second compact and also bought the loose powder as well :)
Normally when I apply makeup in the morning I use the loose powder, the compact I carry for touchups only. However, I find I don't really need to touch up during the day, my compact is pretty much still new even though I've had it a long time!
I've gotten lots of compliments on my skin, don't know if its the powder, but it's a possibility! I like how the powder feels light and almost translucent, so I don't feel like I'm hiding behind a mask of powder. And yet, it does a great job of evening skintone and hiding minor blemishes.
I wear Clair, over MAC select foundation (NC30)--works well for me!!

Review by mworley00: Thanks for all the reviews. I just bought the powder after reading all the comments. I have to say, this is a very good pressed powder. I just started using it a few days ago but I can tell that it blends in well and it makes my skin look more even. It is worth it.

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Paul & Joe Pressed Face Powder N

Review by lizbert: Good:
- didn't cause breakouts or ecxema on my reactive skin
- complected with very good sponge
- yellow undertone (#2)
- contains small-dispersed glitter
- accentuate on dry patches
- looks quite caky
In general - nothing special! Will not repurchase

Review by Susie31: This powder has beautiful packaging in a shade of muted pink. When I first opened it, I was not happy with all that shimmer! But it disappears after a few uses. I was really attracted to the shade of 01 and it is perfect but I find that the powder is noticeable on my skin but fades when some of my oil soaks it up. I would say this is an average powder and not as good as some other brands I tried when it comes to quality.

Review by mriaow: This powder comes in a very nice packaging. The powder however, is only average. I have shade 01, which the SA said is a sort of highlighter but the shade goes on me as a normal face powder. The shade is a very light and shimmery so it's not the bets powder for that use because of the shimmer. Although the shade is slightly yellowish, it goes well as an all purpose powder for fair skin as it doesn't cover much. Sadly, the powder contains mineral oil so I'd repurchase only for the packaging.

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