what to look for when buying a palette?3 recommended palettes

By Elena

what to look for when buying a palette?Let's see the 3 recommended palettes !


Bobbi Brown Mauve Face Palette Fall 2008

Review by blacklittlepig: Why does this have to be a limited edition? :-(
This is hands down my favorite makeup product/palette. It's the one palette in which each and every color is perfect on me and I can mix/match to create everything from a natural look to an evening look. The reviewer who mentioned the blush is strong is right - it's a good neutral but really pigmented so heed the "go with a light hand" warning. Honestly, all I need is a mascara, foundation and or powder and I have all the makeup I need ... totally ideal for travel! The less you take the better and this gives you the options a normal makeup case (more/less) would give you.
I hope this doesn't sell out by the time I'm done with it or at least that BB considers taking this one up into her permanent collection.

Review by lorraine07: I immediately ordered this palette online after reading all of the wonderful reviews that it received. However, I was a disappointed in the way the colors looked on me. The eyeshadows were an ugly matte greyish color and the blush was very bright pink (even when using a light hand to apply). The palette is big and bulky and doesn't come with brushes which is ok but, I didn't like the idea of having to whip out the big palette and a lip brush everytime I wanted to add a little lip color to my lips. I ended up returning this product.

Review by Angeline: I love this pallette. I was really wanting to buy it too when I saw the little video on Bobbi's site. I like all the colours in this palette. The shadows are all very wearable mauvey plums with the exception of one highlight colour that could offer a bit more pigment. I like the lipstick colours too. All soft mauvey plum shades, one is more of a soft beigey pink mauve. The blush is the one thing I find a bit difficult. It's a very strong colour, and you need just a dab otherwise you look clowny.

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Stila BCA Lip Glaze Palette

Review by belle2216: I love all the lipglaze palettes that came out this year. The BCA pallette is just as cute as the others...plus the money goes to a great cause! The glazes are quite sheer, but they do give a wonderful hint of colour with some shimmer. Ideal to put over l/s. The bubblegum pink lip glaze is really pretty and my favourite out of the four. Looks great paired with the Mod #2 trio :) I only wish the glazes smelled as great as the others which are fruity or chocolate scented. This one is smells of soft mint.

Review by JT14: Retails for 38. I'm a bit on the border with this palette. Since it is for a good cause, so I'm happy to oblige. However, two of the colors are too sheer and the other two are too bright for my taste. The consistency is a bit better than the regular Stila l/g, perhaps because it is more pigmented. Check it out first before committing to one.

Review by ooliedonna: I loveeeeee this! I saw it online and went to buy it yesterday, love it! It has the prettiest, sheerest colors in it, and I love every single one of them. It gives your lips a slight tint, making it naturally beautiful. No scent. The texture of the glaze is fantastic, too. I am going to buy other Stila lip palettes because I really like this. That said, my only gripe is the retractable lip brush. I just don't like the material it uses, and I don't like how it is supposed to work. Ah well. :) It retails for 66 SGD/ 38 USD, and 10SGD/ 5.7USD goes to Breast Cancer Research.

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Bare Escentuals Ruby Collection

Review by amystar: Not my favorite BE kit, but its nice =) Nice holiday item, but there are some flaws. The eyeshadows aren't all that great, but the blush and the buxom gloss is so perfect for the holidays! I definately am so partial to the shadows, but it might be a nice kit to get someone hooked on BE and definately something nice for the holidays coming up. The mascara, did work for me, but it took some application. I had to apply almost 4 different times for it to show up the red glitter!

Review by GreeneyedGal: I love this kit the eye shadows are so pretty and blend so well together. I am so in love with the ruby radiance. The mascara wasn't all that great the red glitter idea is great but it doesn't show up very well other then that I love the full color lip gloss brushes eye shadows and radiance

Review by bossanovaville: I am a very fair skinned, dark haired "Snow White" type. I don't use BE (I have used some of their eyeshadows before), but was very drawn to this collection.
I adore the Rose Radiance. I am so fair skinned that I use mine as a blush rather than all-over color. The eyeshadows are very pretty too. I find the Golden Ruby particularly pretty--the gold tones seem to pop the brown of my eyes.
I agree that the mascara is the weak part of this package. The Ruby Buxom is great... good pigmentation and it lasts although the color is a little too dark for my coloring. I find it looks prettiest on me if I put it over a brighter color to brighten my face.
The red bag is very pretty. This would make a nice gift for a BE lover. And like all BE, it should last a very long time.

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