what to look for when buying a palette?3 effective palette reviews

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By Vicky

what to look for when buying a palette?Let's see the 3 effective palette reviews!


Christian Dior Shimmer Powder 001 Rose Diamond, Spring 08

Review by coolRED: This might be my favorite addition to my spring makeup collection. I own many shimmers, but none like this. Adds a glowy look without being too shimmery. Went to 3 stores to find it as they were all sold out.

Review by wunverdoll: Ok at first I was a little leary of this because I am not much of a "shimmer" gal (nars albatross made me look like a glitter disco queen) but wanted desperately to find something that would make my skin look like it had a glow from within..you know, that healthy glow. Anyway, after some debating between this and BB shimmerbrick, I decided to go with this one and have not been dissapointed. The colors are beautifully matched and not overly shimmery, but the trick that works for me?? Blend Blend Blend...I use Macs 188 brush, swipe it on my face and then buff it in to the skin, it melds right in perfectly and I feel like me....only better

Review by catlover9_9: Well i would definitely buy this again if it's not limited edition. this is a very pretty highlighter! makes your skin look as if it's glowing especially under the light. I just wish that it came in a much cuter packaging. I'm glad that this product doesn't have too much glitters. doesn't look cheap.

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Trish McEvoy Barely Nude Face Essentials

Review by shopgirl087: Love!! This stays in my purse. I never have to worry about touch-ups. Great price, great package. Goes with anything you already have on. Neutral but not colorless.

Review by kitkat85: I have tried lots of the trish palettes without sucess but this is the best for me.If you have a cool complexion then this will look really nice. The colours all work well together to give you a polished look. Im very glad I bought this as I was beginning to think I would never find a palette where the colours suited me but this is great!

Review by sjcsmall: I love this palette! the colors are versitile and gorgeous.I was scared the nudes would was me out.but this palette makes me look like a bronze beauty.The only thing that I wish it had was the applicator.does not bring them inside for those club bath room touch ups.Over all great would buy over and over not bad at45 brings a blush,2 e/s, eyliner coloe and lip color.

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Stila Look of the Month 3 pan empty palette (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Review by blyss: I wish I could collect them all, but I already have an 8 pan, and the rest of my Stila eyeshadows are in palettes. So I am only purchasing my favorites. I have the May and July palettes. These are just too cute to pass up, plus if you keep your eyeshadows organized in 3's(wash, crease, liner) or (2 eyeshadow, and a blush) this is a great way to keep them together. I would rather depot my singles and put them in these beautiful palettes than keep them in boring silver cardboard, plus they are great for traveling. If you really like one, I would got out and get it, because they usually sell out when the month is over- unless you want to purchase them online, I believe you can still purchase all months except for February.

Review by navarre: AAAAAHHHH! This is a brilliant yet horrible marketing plot on behalf of Stila. A cute cardboard pan that hold three pans with a different girl each month. You want it cause its so cute but if you already have pans for all your shadows its really unnecessary. I mean, there are no new shadows yet so mine already have 8.6, and 4 pans so what am i supposed to put in the new three pans? well, now i am picking up the new super cute three pans and swapping all my old cases but its really just a waste of money. Great for those just purchasing though!

Review by cosmokid: Stila is introducing an exclusive three-pan palette every month of the year with a different design. This is brilliant marketing! These are supposed to be a Nordstrom Exclusive. I just got the January palette: blue tones, with a blond girl in ear muffs, white coat, jeans and black boots, walking her tiny dog who is wearing a blue sweater. I love the convenience of the 3 pan for my Stila shadows and just adore how cute this palette is. At 8 it's a good deal. Be warned that this is one of their cardboard palettes that does not have a mirror. Also, it has the word "stila" on the front, but does not have the word "january" actually on the palette anywhere.

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