what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 top nail polish reviews

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what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 top nail polish reviews!


Napoleon Perdis Nail Polish

Review by Sybil84: The best nail polishes.. To me they work better than OPI, which has been my favourite for a long time.
No chipping, the colours are true on you nails to how they are in the bottle lasting shine and they dont' have that strong 'oh its fake ingredients to kill you mwa haha' smell
would buy again and again

Review by cloud0204: I bought one of these in a Chandelier shine kit online. This is the Moroccan Velvet, the colour is true to the bottle, well pigmented, formula dries super quick and lasts a reasonably long time. Only downside is 1. it seemed to have leaked from the bottle (I took this out to lunch with a friend to show her, and when I'm back I seem to have a really clumpy bottle neck and lost some of the polish? Unless if I got ripped off for saying it was new and it actually wasn't -_-) and 2. the brush is not great, nowhere near as good as OPI. Probably still worth a repurchase though.

Review by beckibabe: All my napoleon nail polishes have come free with magazines. They are the Chandelier Shine variety and made in Oz. You have to try the napoleon product range to see what is hit and what is miss... their mascaras are a miss, i think. Nail polishes are like lacquers, divine. Non chip, long lasting, nail hardening.. great colours, but could expand the range in the neutrals. TRY this stuff.. by far the best quality this polish junkie has tried... dries in about 5 - 10 mins between coats. depends how low in the bottle you are. BUT even at the end of the bottle.... you still get polish, not goop.
Me likey.

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Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish - Star Struck

Review by miss_mac: Star Struck is such a cute colour. At first I was a little taken back by the colour in the bottle (which looks like a very vibrant blue red with gold microshimmer) but with Rimmel polishes the colour showing through the bottle is NOT the same when applied. This one is a gorgeous sheer watermelon pink with gold microshimmer. It is sooooo pretty. That's it .... I am a Rimmel nail polish addict. Someone save me.....

Review by Graceteix: Star Struck is *very* pretty! It's a beautiful, summery shade :D It's a raspberry/watermelon pink infused with gold microshimmer! I couldn't wait to paint my toes when I got home, hehe :) It looks fabulous with my skintone (I'm a MMM), and I really found a wonderful treasure :D One of my new favs for summer :)

Review by dlbd2k06: A very pretty sheer raspberry pinked-red with subtle pale gold and green shimmer.
I really like the shine and wear I get from Rimmel's polishes, and with this being part of the 60 Seconds line, I can paint this on and have pretty tips and toes in no time!

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Sinful Pearl Harbor

Review by Cristy1970: Beautiful in the bottle, less impressive as a topcoat on my nails. Somewhere along the way it loses it's blue iridescence and just looks like small silver glitter over my nail polish.

Review by edie4711: It isn't very eye catching and magnificent by itself because it is just a clear coat with glitter. The glitter is very fine and is mostly blue and green hues. I recommend applying it over other colors as a top coat, the darker the color the better (dark blue, green, purple and black are my favorite but pastel pinks and yellow are also cute) it gives a very magical shine like the night sky ive gotten soo many compliments and ppl dont realize how cheap and easy it was to do my nails. One thing i really love is the masking effect. if ur color coat is a little streaky and uneven apply this over and the glitter with cover it u wont even notice the mistakes. For 2 all girls looking to bedazzle their nails should give it a chance ;D

Review by kimberpoo: I love this glitter! It's definitely better as a top coat - it looks amazing over dark colours! It is a duochrome glitter, ranging from light bluey-gold to dark blue. I'd definitely buy it again.

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