what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 popular nail polishs reviews

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what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 popular nail polishs reviews!


Sally Hansen Magical Nail Makeup - Blue Aura

Review by ahappyplace: Even though this nail polish chips like crazy, this shade of blue is just beautiful. Whenever I'm in the sunlight, I can't stop staring! I'll be sad once my bottles dry out completely.

Review by jamelia: i love the color:)the only problem is its a little pricey and it chips pretty fast

Review by AokiJ: Dagnabbit, these are... interesting, to say the least. I just got this one (off of evilBay) and couldn't wait to put it on. It was time for a new mani anyways... The colour is almost solid but 2 coats are preferred because this is a bugger to apply unless you brush is loaded. If you go over an area twice, it lifts itself if the brush is dry. A bit of a pain but the results are stunning. My co-worker will definitely make a comment about this one, lol!
One lippy off for application but should SH come out with more again, I'd be game. I'll update should the wear become an issue...

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RMK Nail Polish

Review by andij: I have the Natural Pink Beige (P-05) The shade is not an unique one, in fact it's quite a generic pink. I have downgraded this because it doesn't dry fast and makes me cough a little after application. Leighton Denny's nail polishes dry a lot faster so unless there is an amazing shade that I must have, I'll stick with Leighton Denny.

Review by GreeneyedGal: What a pricey nail polish (HK150 each with 15ml). However, it worths every penny, I have it in #38 and #39 which are 2 out of my 4 favourites (my other two faves are #37 and #40, too expensive to buy them all =D).
#38 is a metallic pink while #39 is a metallic beige, both contains TONS of silvery shimmer which I was told they are true silver (?).
Let imagine how a MAC rose (applies to #38) and tan (applies to #39) pigments on your nails and you will know how pretty they're.
Very pricey but will definitely buy the #37 (metallic red) and #40 (metallic white) later, these 4 are the must-get of RMK n/p collection because you won't find a similar one in other brands.

Review by hersheyb: All color are great, and it's the only nail polish that i can apply myself and look like a professional salon finish. The polish dry fast, extremely easy to put on, shiny and have the greatest shimmer, not found by other brand. I have 7 colors, all are very impressive

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GOSH Rainbow

Review by drusilladru: I love GOSH Rainbow!
This is a flakie that looks good over almost every polish you layer it over!
Over a pearly white it looks very sweet, clean, and fairy-like.
Over a blue, such as OPI YGGTB, it looks almost like porcelain.
Over a purple, like GOSH Gasoline, it just looks very pretty!
Seriously, if you can, TRY THIS! It will make you so happy every time you look at your nails!

Review by Suzy_h: Great polish for layering, adds interest to the polish underneath, showing up as mainly orange when layered over black
The flakies feel smooth. Would love to see a 'blue' based one.

Review by fitnessa: I made my brother buy this for me for my birthday, as I'm not in the UK anymore. I've finally started to see how gorgeous flakies are! I love layering this on RImmel "Torrid" (a vampy purple shimmer) for an amazing look. It also helps my mani "keep", as "Torrid" chips very easily on me.

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