what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 popular nail polishs compare

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By Monica

what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 popular nail polishs compare!


Hard Candy Trailer Trash

Review by Vaniessa: This is by far my favorite silver nail polish! I snapped up the last bottle at my local Sephora. This is a TRUE silver and very opaque. I used base coat + two coats of TT + top coat and got a lovely bright silver that lasted a long, long time. Best for cool undertones and short nails (or toenails) - I'm a very cool-toned PPP and this suits me to a T. I am stocking up.

Review by Lola_Bear: This looks like foil on your fingers - it's an opaque silver with small glitters and is so shiny it almost looks reflective. I highly recommend it.

Review by Stampy_76: Those looking for the ultimate metallic nail polish. This is it. It's like glittery aluminum foil and is just so shiny and fun. Plus I love the name. I wore this on my toes, and within the day I had gotten like 6 compliments.
It doesn't last as long as other brands, as it chipped on my toes within the week, but I also didn't use a topcoat.
This is definitely not my favorite nailpolish line, but this color is gorgeous and fun for a change from your everyday colors!

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China Glaze Mrs. Claus

Review by cweiss: This is the red glitter shade from the 2010 holiday Merry Mint set. At 27, I thought I was done playing with glitter but to get my moneys worth I used it over the other shade in the set (Naughty and Nice, you can read my review on that too) and WOW I can't stop looking at my toes!! So sparkly...I feel like a bird looking in the mirror. My only gripe with the polish is that it seems to adhere too well the moment the brush touches the nail then taking some effort to achieve an even finish afterwards. Oh and the holiday packaging sucks. Probably will not repurchase as I don't see myself really finishing the bottle.

Review by misswillow: I originally purchased another China Glaze polish giftset but returned it for the giftset that had this polish. When i first looked at it I thought that it would be sort of a bright glittery red when I put it on. Boy was I wrong. It is gorgeous! It looks more redish-pink silvery glitter on me. I got so many compliments when I was wearing it. Unfortunantly since I was working with boxes that week the polish chipped quickly. But I still love it and will wear it again!

Review by IiIy: I might not need to but if something happened to this bottle I would purchase it again! This color is so cute. I got it in a holiday pack with a candle and a green glittery color "Mistletoe Kisses". Mrs. Claus looks red but on my toes it almost looks like a pinky-red, maybe kind of like a raspberry color. It's very cute. Hasn't chips, but it's on my toes so that doesn't mean much yet. I will probably try it on my fingers in the next week or two. This is a really cute, fun Christmas color.

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Review by gogoamy: I'm so glad that I got my hands on Zulu!!! At first the idea of green n/p didn't appeal to me but when I saw the model on the cover of Sephora's 2007 Holiday catalog wearing the n/p I knew I had to have it!!! It is the perfect vampy green. It looks black in the bottle unless you look at it up close. Like the reviewer below said, it totally reminded me of Elphalba from the play "Wicked" and I wish that I would've had this in time for halloween. This is a perfect holiday color not to mention that it is very unique. Only thing that I didn't like was the price (I swapped for this b/c I will NEVER pay 15 for a n/p) and the fact that it requires 3 coats for an even application. Overall though I love, love, love Zulu and I can't stop staring at my mani!

Review by Dimitra: I absolutely adore this nail polish. After one careful coat it's a gorgeous jungle green. After 2-3 coats it's a beautiful deep dark green that almost looks black. It wears perfectly with out chipping. Best nail polish ever.

Review by blueaygi: I love this color! It is the absolute perfect vampy dark green that doesn't make your hands look sickly. It stays on really well. I was able to wear it on my nails with little damage for almost a week -- and I wash dishes 6-8x a day. However, I'm sad that the formula is a little too streaky to only wear one or two coats because both of those color levels are nice too. I think you either love the color or you don't, which explains the mixed reviews here.

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