what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 good nail polish reviews

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By Sara

what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 good nail polish reviews!


Essie Strawberry Sorbet

Review by Cordelia: LOVE this color..doesn't look red on me at all but a bright pink berry. it does have a hint of frost, but I have yet to find an Essie color with loads of shimmer. Which can be a good thing for some people but I do wish sometimes they had abit more. All in all though, a great summery shade!

Review by taskeeng: Strawberry Sorbet was my first Essie purchase...and wow, how have I not tried Essie nail polish before? I was a bit disappointed in the color, only because I ordered it online and it was different from what I expected. I had hoped it would be a bit more red, but it is VERY pink, and in some light - garishly pink. It looks just like strawberry with a bit of cream.
This is the easiest polish I have ever applied. It went on ultra smooth, dried quickly, and it even removes easily.
I used to be obsessed with NYX polishes, but this stuff coats so nicely that I do believe I am now an Essie girl.

Review by hersheyb: This was my first experience with Essie, and wow, the polish went on so smoothly! The color's a little bright for me but I knew that when I bought it. I'll probably stick to more muted tones most of the time, but this one's great for a splash of color now and then. Opaque in one coat, went on smooth, no bubbles or streaking. Wish the brush were bigger, but otherwise, very nice.

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Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Pink Rose Diamond

Review by Elixir: Oh I absolutely LOVE these nail polishes! I get so distracted by the rainbow. I love how it has both of my favorite colors in it (pink and purple). It gives a nice design w/o having 4 different bottles of nail polish (and all those little toothpicks) to deal with! I would recomend this to anyone who is as obsessed w/ nail polish as me!!

Review by Bonnie2842: I loved this colour, it was very neutral unless someone took a closer look. it always fascinated me in class too, just watching my nails shine and glimmer, i love it :D

Review by i_darling: Love the unique-ness of this polish...indoors,it looks like a pretty but rather unexciting glittery pink, but in the sunlight,it turns holographic with tons of colors in it! Quite mesmerizing,really...I use this on my toes,it's wonderful for pedicures.Lasts a decently long time too(I use this without a basecoat or topcoat,I am lazy),as I have gone up to 2 weeks without a single chip. 2 coats are sufficient for a great effect.

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Rescue Beauty Lounge Locavore

Review by blueaygi: i love the glitter polishes from rescue beauty, they are completely unique from any other glitter polishes ive ever seen. as mentioned below this polish does chip if used alone but i dont mind because it is so easy to repair chips in glitter polish. i have found if i layer this over a color, i chose no more war, it wears wonderfully. really fun and non typical polish from rescue beauty and as usual i am not disappointed by the polishes by this brand.

Review by Jennybear: I love rescue beauty lounge nail polish because they are free of the tourmalene, formaldehyde and all of the other drying ingredeients found in drugstore polishes. I have Locavore, Look Rich Be Cheap, and Frugalista. The polishes are a clear base with pure sparkles which looks incredible on well manicured fingers or edgy as hell against a black top coat. Now that I've gotten you all excited about the brand new RBL spring/summer polishes prepare yourself for the depressing part...it chips. It chips in huge flaky, messy, glittery chips. Try as you may to coat and coat your nails with clear bases, this polish will whittle away. Still I admire RBL and I want to take one of these babies down to their salon and get my nails done by an RBL esthetician. Maybe they do something that I'm not doing.

Review by IiIy: For you ladies out there looking for the real deal...than this is it. I was very hesitant to drop 18.00 on a single nail polish but I'm glad I did!!! I wanted something very disco sparkely that would only need 2-3 coats and not take forever to dry. Well, 2 coats later this polish had my nail covered from top to bottom in full sparkle. I mean not a hint of nail to be seen. I don't know if "Girl, you're nails are wild" was a compliment, but I got PLENTY of that. The only gripe I have is it didnt last long on my nails. 4 days max and then the chipping began. OPI lasts longer but their ingredients aren't as 'friendly' to your nails as RBL. Thsi color has been on my toes for almost 2 weeks and not 1 chip! so, for a wild night out.....look no further.

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