what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 effective nail polishs reviews

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what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 effective nail polishs reviews!


OPI Queen of D'Nile

Review by blyss: A warm, medium taupey-beige with a barely detectable shimmer to just give a little sheen--I wouldn't call this nude at all, it's far too dark to be called nude. It's a nice color, but makes my hands look paler than they are. It applies very smoothly and provides pretty opaque coverage. It also started chipping the day after I applied it--two coats, along with base and topcoat.

Review by bklyncowgirl: Great pink Taupe. Gives a really natural glossy sheen to nails. The usual high quality in an OPI polish.

Review by franjipany: Another OPI favorite: "QUEEN OF D'NILE" Whatta cute and clever name. This is a good basic nude polish with shimmer. Perfect for everyday wear. And this formula dries quickly lasts as usual. Still can't get over the fumes when applying though.

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Avon Instant Pedicure

Review by London84: Adore! Adore! Adore! I bought "Reddy to Go" a beautiful deep satin red and not only were they easy to apply but lasted a good 10-14 days! Incredible! Note- I find it's best to apply at them night and then topped off with a pair of socks to allow to "cure." I made the mistake the first time by applying them and putting on my shoes, only to find I'd "smudge" my big toe (my bad). Will re-purchase as long as they are made.

Review by cgosyne: I thought this was a great idea! What a nice thing to have when you're short on time. I tried them last week on the night before a shower I had to go to. They went on easy enough, and it seemed to get easier as I went along, with practice. The shade I got was sort of neutral so you couldn't tell that they were too slim for my big toe, a darker color would have had shown 'stripes' of no color on the side of my toe. You don't save time applying, I could've painted faster, but you do save drying time.....they are already dry. I also thought they were cheap, but 6 for one application seems expensive...prob. won't buy again.

Review by laurilauri: I tried Avon's Instant Pedicure in Magic Mauve thinking that it would save a lot of time. To be honest, I'm not all too sure if I was correct about that. First, the largest size of enamel strips was still not quite wide enough for my big toes- there's about a 3 mm area on one side of each toenail that didn't get "painted." Also, it took quite a while for me to get the hang of putting the strips on straight. Once a strip barely touched my toenail, it was hard to take off and readjust, so I was really worried about tearing the strips. I also experienced some difficulty getting the strips off of the packaging - I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch or what. For the price, these strips don't save me enough time to be worth the cost... I highly doubt that I'll be repurchasing, especially since the current color selection Avon has for these seems rather boring at the moment.

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Essie Dune Road

Review by cperry: If you're looking for an everyday sheer pink with a little kick, this is it! Dune Road has a very fine shimmer, very understated. I like to layer one coat of Dune Road, then one coat of Ballet Slippers on top of it. The combo creates a soft sheer pink thats very pretty!

Review by didion0312: i had to buy this after seeing the name, because i go to a beach on the road this is named after! its a nice neutral color that looks good with my pale skin. its also pretty if you layer it with other light colors.

Review by Suzy_h: Dune Road is a beautiful soft, pearly shade of the lightest shade of pink. One coat is sheer, but 2 gives the colour some depth and more colour, but you can still see the whites of your nails. I liked the application of Dune Road; it was easy, streak-free and even though it has a pearly finish you can't see the brushstrokes. I've been wearing it three days now and it still looks good.

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