what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 effective nail polish

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By Elena

what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 effective nail polish !


OPI Its Toe-Tally Summer

Review by Viognier: A bright purpley-pink polish. Its cheerful without being too "out there".

Review by nina: This is a cool dark raspberry (purpley pink) shade which doesnt suit all. I have this in the old formula (not the pro-wide brush) and tried it for a mani and pedi. The application and finish was lovely, very glossy and smooth but both on my toes and tips, it looks very strange against my skin....its difficult to describe but it just looks weird. If it was a bit brighter and warmer then its a fantastic colour but maybe its just to dark on my skin.
Just for reference- my hand is light-medium yellow toned and feet are pale and pinkish

Review by shopgirl087: This is a really smooth raspberry pink creme. By smooth, I mean application - it really applied like a dream - no streaks at all and great coverage in 2 coats. This looks great on my cool/neutral skintone. If you like pinks, check it out.

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Butter London Wallis

Review by coolRED: I loved this color! I didn't think I would wear it for really long, but looks really nice with my pale but warmer skin tone! The only downside was the price! I got full coverage after 2 coats but added a 3rd for good measure. It applied beautifully and smoothly! Great color for fall!!!

Review by didion0312: Beautiful, trendy color. For me it was definitely a two-coater, it seemed to go on kind of sheer with the first coat. I wouldn't buy again because there are too many polishes that are similar, and I really don't dig paying this much for nail polish.

Review by runtagua: 2 days ago I bought 3 of the Fall 2011 polishes, including Wallis. Just swatched it and loved it! Beautiful golden olive color, it's a unique finish--metallic or foil-like, yet brassy. Wallis is golden, olive, taupe, green, black, really it's very difficult to describe because it's so unique.
This looks great on my hands and boy oh boy, it's pigmented so richly! I love it for Fall, and it's perfectly on trend in consideration of Chanel's Peridot. BTW, if somebody doesn't want to drop the 25 bucks on Peridot, Wallis would be a smart alternative.

The formula is one of the best BL formulas I've had (and trust me, I just about have 'em all). You could get away with one coat, but layering 2 is cake. I will be able to apply this myself very easily in between professional manicures. Fantastic, love it!!

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OPI Cha-Ching Cherry

Review by cosmokid: Looks red in the bottle, goes on hot pink. If I'd wanted hot pink toes, I wouldn't have chosen what looked to be red polish. A better red polish that turns hot pink is Friar Friar Pants on Fire.

Review by IMAproductwhore: Vibrant medium to dark, strong pink with a hint of red. It takes on a different color depending on the angle. Lots of frost. Very dramatic, some could say trashy (and they would be right). I use it only on toes.

Review by nemomemo: Gorgeous pink, looks great on toes ! Reminds me of a deeper version of Up The Amazon Wikthout A Paddle !

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