what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 best-selling nail polish review

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what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 best-selling nail polish review!


Christian Dior Golden Nugget

Review by Sybil84: as much as I love this polish, I doubt I would have ever gotten it if not for a gift card. it's just so much money, even though in a lot of ways it is worth it. the color is perfect for Summer and I can see it easily transitioning into Fall. the polish stays on for a long time so you don't have to bother with touchups every other day.

Review by Elixir: This is the first bronze nail polish I've tried that isn't orangey or too dark. It looks great next to my (very pale) skin, and it would be really flattering on medium and dark skintones. Plus it works year-round. I haven't seen Sally Hansen's Baroque Bronze in real life, but from the pics I've seen it's very close to the Dior. Still, the Dior seems a bit golder and less brown, and the wear is great. If you already own the Baroque Bronze and are happy with it it's probably not worth it to get both, but Gold Nugget is lovely.

Review by oneofmylies99: I'm surprised they call it golden nugget since I think it's more of a bronze gold. Or not bronze... It's just not yellowish! Gorgeous thing, the only of my five gold polishes that is half used. Makes me happy. Looks good on every skin tone, from pale to dark. My hands are NC45 FYI! Love the packaging, love the brush.

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Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Nail Colour in Diamonds

Review by Jessimau: Really pretty polish that can be worn alone or used as a top coat if you want a sparkly finish. The only thing I dislike is that when I remove this, it's a big glittery mess. I'm talking micro-glitter EVERYWHERE ? on your fingers, toes (if removing it from toenails, obviously) and every other surface it comes into even the slightest contact with. But, I still love it for what it does/looks like on, so I'm willing to suffer through the glitterful aftermath. hehe :)

Review by amystar: This is fantastic as a top coat over a creme polish. I've tried it over a bright orange polish and a black one. It's so nice because it's just silver glitter, it doesn't flash other colors like a lot of other glitter polishes do. It's also silver glitter in clear polish, so it doesn't change the color of the polish you're wearing. This is gorgeous over a sheer white (Revlon Sheer Sugar is what I used).

Review by Farra: Super sparkly and very long lasting. Dries to a very hard finish. This polish is always pretty when worn alone, but has turned many blah and even ugly NP colors into gorgeous shades when worn as a top coat. A must have!

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OPI Valen-time for Love

Review by Olive143: Beautiful cherry-pink color with shimmer. Not pink and not red, but more of a mixture of the two ... kind of like a watermelon color. It looks red in the bottle but goes on nails as a beautiful shimmery pink-red color. 5 lippies!

Review by KateN: This is an insanely bright fushia with a purple flash. I wouldn't call it Barbie Pink exactly, because it's so vivid. If I put it on my nails, I find myself thoroughly distracted by its obsence color. This is probably better for night time fun wear, other wise you will be distracted.

Review by srobinb: OPI's Valen-time for Love is a shimmery hot pink with a blue/lavender flash in certain lighting. It's a beautiful color but not for the shy. It definitely says, "Heeeere's my nails!!" The application was absolutely perfect - smooth, no bubbles, no streaks - and looked like GLASS when I was finished. The color was totally opaque in two coats but I used three. Dry time was very quick (even without Seche Vite) and the wear was wonderful - no chips or cracks at six days. I could have left it on longer but I only wear any one color for a week at most. I noted that I would buy this again (and I would if I ran out) but I also have Pompeii Purple which is very similar. I knocked off one lippie only because it's not a go-to color for me but I do love it.

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