what to look for when buying a nail polish?3 best nail polishs reviews

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By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a nail polish?Let's see the 3 best nail polishs reviews!


Zoya Sweet

Review by kitten75: I wanted to love this polish because the color is so pretty, but the application was horrible over my Essie First Base Coat. Incredibly streaky even with 3 coats and bled all over my nail area.
I have some other Zoya cremes and they're lovely. No idea what happened with this one. I purchased directly from Zoya so it shouldn't have been an old bottle, maybe they reformulated? I'm going to return this if I can because it was such a disappointment.

Review by peachy905: Lovely, medium, creme pink. This dries darker/brighter than it appears in the bottle and can look almost barbie-ish, but I like that. Opaque in 2 coats but I prefer 3 coats to take away the streaky-ness. In some lightings I see a hint of lilac, esp. when compared to similar pinks. This really is a great color but I prefer CC Yachty Yadda, which is almost identical to this.

Review by isabellet: I love this color! I find it similar to Zoya Barbie, but slightly more lilac and without shimmer. Pretty opaque, and bright enough to be noticed. I am glad I own both this and Barbie, as I don't have any similar colors.

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OPI Sonata in Bronze

Review by kerroppifreak: This is a shimmery golden bronze that looks great on my toes which are a little warmer than my tips for some reason. I wish I would have worn it in the summer, it would have been even better with a tan. This is definitely a color for warm toned girls. I'm a Neutral/Warm LLL.

Review by island_honey: Sonata in Bronze is part of the Holiday Harmony collection and is described as "a beautiful burnished golden brown". It is really flattering near my PPP skin and would probably work with most skintones. I wanted this for a classy fall pedicure, but it could also work well on fingers. On me, it's a warm medium-bronze with fine golden shimmer. It almost looks like it's glowing. Very festive and I can see why these colors will look great for the fall and for the holiday season.

Review by bossanovaville: Sonata In Bronze is a discontinued color. It is a Christmas color. This color is a warm bronze shimmer with silver and gold glitters. It has a yellow and orange undertone which makes this color look extremely warm.
Lovely to apply although I put three coats to make it opaque. It's great for medium to warm skin tone. But it probably will look too warm for very fair skin tone or too warm for darker skin tone. It's great on nails but I find it looks good on toes too. Sadly it's discontinued.

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Sephora sephora by opi Leaf Him At The Altar

Review by CancerianPrincess: Beautiful and unique green. I haven't seen another color like this on the market. It has a gorgeous metallic shimmer that gives the polish an almost foily affect. Application was easy. I used three coats but could have gotten away with two.
This polish's shimmer is goldish, and the color itself has a yellow tint, so it's extremely unique which I love about it. I have to say the price threw me off. Way too much. It's worth it for the color but I wont be buying another polish from that collection unless the color's to die for. (like this one)

Review by sleepyone: I think the name says it all, it's a delicate leaf-y green with gold shimmer. With it's yellow undertones and the metallic shimmer that almost makes LHATA look like a foil it's a soft, pale, dusty color. I bought this in summer last year and never quite understood why I bought it but now I know. It's def a spring color that looks gorgeous on my nails in this season but looks off in all the other seasons. 2 coats are all that's needed. And I prefer to wear this without top coat (I know *gasp*) since I want to preserve that foily, dusty finish and a super shiny top coat would interfere with that.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I got this as part of the modern flowers set of minis and it was the polish I least liked when I initially bought the set. After trying them all this is my clear favourite. Its a lovely metallic green with a bit of shimmer to it that's not overpowering. 2 coats was enough for beautiful full coverage. I am not usually a fan of green polish but this one really won me over. Sorry I can't describe the colour better, I am not great at reviewing nail polish but since there were no reviews for this one I wanted to get it out there that it's really quite nice, much more so on than in the bottle. It was a nice surprise. Would repurchase.

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