what to look for when buying a nail coat?3 top nail coat

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By Elena

what to look for when buying a nail coat?Let's see the 3 top nail coat !


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Review by Susie31: This product is awesome. I always had the problem of smudged nails after I did my manicure. But this top coat instantly dries my nails and I don't have to worry about getting smudges or marks on my nails. I can actually handle things without worrying about messing up a nail. This is an incredible product.

Review by kitkat85: This is the first 'Anti chipping top coat' I have ever bought. I used Sally's Insta-Dri as both a base and a top coat. The amount of time it took me to paint my nails with a base, color and top coat was less time then it usually took me to just paint my nails with only nail polish. By the time you finish applying the base you can go ahead and start applying nail polish to the first nail you started applying the base coat. So on and so forth. My nails looked great after. I do admit that both my index fingers started chipping a bit after the 4th day...and there is also some wear on the tips (especially on my right hand) however I did apply my nail polish on very thickly... Great product for the price... PS others did mention that the product became 'goopy' after a couple months..I'll keep you posted :p As of now I will be repurchasing.

Review by kimby83: This is my first bottle of Insta-Dry, and I am happy with this product so far. It seems like I never have time to let my nails dry, so I very seldom put polish on them. I polished my nails, went to bed and they looked perfect this morning. Other reviews say it gets goopy fast, but it's cheap enough to buy again if this happens.

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Unlisted Brand INM -- Northern Lights - Hologram Top Coat

Review by JettNY: I love this topcoat! Perfect amount of super-fine holo glitter, adds a subtle rainbow shimmer to any color polish. You can add more coats or a more dramatic effect. Where on earth was this stuff 16.00?? I bought it at Sally's for 6.00! Will definitely buy again.

Review by dlbd2k06: This is my absolute fave top coat. It's subtle, yet adds an extra something to any plain old nail polish. I even put this over a simple french manicure, and get complimented on how shiny my nails appear. They even get noticed from afar, but in a GOOD way.. don't worry, this is not tacky in the least! I was worried it would be.. but like I said, this is my absolute fave top coat. Great!!! HG.
It also come soff very easily, unlike the typical glittery nail polishes.

Review by ciarar: I love this product as a top coat / color sealer in general... It's a little too glittery for me (I'm 34) but I love that it seals the color so well. Will continue to use.

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China Glaze Matte Magic Flat Finish Top Coat

Review by belle2216: Bought this today and I was more than impressed! I was wearing a Rimmel shade of nail polish (almost a mushroom brown colour) and when I put the matte top coat over top of it, the colour was fantastic! Looks so much better as a matte colour than a glossy.
I tried it overtop of a few different colours too. I think that the ChG For Audrey is amazing with the new top coat. I will definately be using this product quite often since I love the way the matte nailpolishes look.
Definiately will buy again (total stocking stuffer)

Review by Cygentte3: I ordered some China Glaze polishes from a website for only 3 a bottle. I decided to throw this in my cart because I thought the idea was cool. When I first tried it on my whole nail, I thought it looked a little odd. Maybe it's because of the base color I tested it on (China Glaze's Sea Spray). Then I realized that I'm just not too big of a fan of full matte nails.
BUT. I decided to be a little more creative and used it for the purpose of simple designs. Verdict: Super Cute! Right now I'm wearing China Glaze's Custom Kicks and used the Magic Matte to create a diagonal striped design on each nail. It definitely adds the extra umph and wasn't too difficult or time consuming! It's subtle and unique. Lovin' it!
I think I'll start playing around with other designs like polka dots or something. I'll also try out the matte nail and glossy french tip that I read from the post below!

Review by tetrakis: this is awesome... ive been getting into matt polishes lately. their hard to find.. this just made things a lot easier! it's way smaller than the typical cg polishes. i got it at sallys on clearance(i think, or sale) for 3.99 w the card. applied great and dried fast. i used it with gc for audrey and it looks fab.

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