what to look for when buying a nail coat?3 best nail coat

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what to look for when buying a nail coat?Let's see the 3 best nail coat !


Sally Hansen Dries Instantly

Review by fuxxy: I am too impatient to wait for my nails to dry and always end up denting my polish or leaving strange patterns on each individual nail. Because of this I decided to buy a quick dry top coat polish and headed to the Sally Hanson section to save myself some cash. I was doubtful it would really work, but was pleased that within about 5 minutes, my nails were completely dry to the touch. It also left a nice enough shine for a top coat. I am pretty happy with this product especially since it was only about 4.00.

Review by Lola_Bear: This top coat left the tip of my nails matt-ish looking while the rest had a shiny coat..despite two attempts. Weird. I had to touch-up the mattish ends with my other regular top coat to give a even shiny look. It's rather thick and when applying a thinner coat, it swipes my nailpolish off.

Review by Newme: i tested this product yesterday. it didn't dry as quick as 30 seconds. that would be too much wishful thinking, i think. instead, it took the product roughly about 5 minutes to dry up completely (which is still good) coz i could be out the door by then. rather than having to wait for the polish to dry up by their usual time.
so yeah, i'd by this product again.

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Essie Sensitivity Basecoat

Review by glossgal_01: This is a great base coat. I have no idea if it actually prevents peeling, as I've never had that problem, or if it actually hydrates the nails but I do know that it helps prepare the nails for polish, helping the polish last even longer and even when I'm not wearing polish I like to brush this on to give my nails that clean-just-buffed finish. HG status, will most definitely repurchase.

Review by lbarnold: Love this basecoat! I used to use NailTek Foundation and had trouble with peeling, breakage, and nail softness. Prior to having my nails under polish 24/7, I had extremely strong nails. It was only after starting to polish my nails all the time that I started getting problems. Thankfully, those problems are no more with this basecoat.
I've been using Essie Sensitivity Basecoat for about 3 weeks, and even without giving my nails some rest from being under suffocating polish and without rehydration sessions with nail oils, I'm not getting any peeling or breakage. My nails have gotten long--at this point with NailTek a few nails would have already snapped off. But with Essie Sensitivity I'm still going strong!
Also no chips!! With this basecoat, I can go one full week with a perfect mani. Could go longer, I'm sure--but that's as long as I can go before I start getting bored. :D

Review by AimeeO: Love it i use it all the time even when mixing brands i use essie base coat and color or other brand color then i use opi top coat. But this is the best base coat out there ive tried all of opis etc and this is the best.

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Essie Matte About You

Review by coolRED: I LOVE this stuff!!! Matte nails seem to be the new trend this fall (09) for all the nail polish brands. Although matte nails intrigue me, I find it waaay too costly to buy all the matte nail polishes, and for this reason I decided it was much more costly to buy a single topcoat so I can make ANY nail polish matte. I just got it in the mail today and I thought I'd be a matte fan but I am soooo much more of a fan now that I've seen it in person. I can't comment on the wear since I've only been wearing it 30 minutes or so but the drying time seemed to be almost instant. I'm deff glad I bought 2 bottles. It's supposed to retail for 10 USD but if you look around online you can find it for a bit cheaper. I will most definitely repurchase!!

Review by SisleyAus: I have a love/hate with this topcoat. Before i got Matte About You i bought 2 Matte OPI shades, i loved how they looked, but they completely chipped off by the next day. I finally bought the top coat and at first i loved it, it dried instanstly and made my nails totally matte! my one and only con i have with this is that by the next day the matte was slowly wearing off to a dull shine, i had to reapply the top coat by the second day. By the third day it was practically shiny on me. However it didn't chip. I want to love this and wear it but that's a big con for me, it's fun for maybe the day or if your going out. I'll give it a few more tries though.

Review by fitnessa: This is the best matte top coat I have tried yet. That said, I haven't had a chance to try Orly's yet. I am partial to Orly products, too.
Essie's Matte About You gives the perfect matte satiny texture I am after in a matte polish. And it turns any polish I own into a satiny matte wonderland. I love this because I am not stuck to the colors available in a matte lacquer line. Sally Hansen makes this grey that I adore. With Essie's Matte About You, I can make this grey loveliness into a matte polish, perfect for days when I am not feeling the positivity of shiny nails. The price is great and the product is wonderful. It dries quickly and lasts for ages. If you are feeling the matte trend, you won't regret Essie's matte top coat!

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