what to look for when buying a men fragrance?3 effective men fragrance

By Monica

what to look for when buying a men fragrance?Let's see the 3 effective men fragrance !


Gendarme Gendarme 20

Review by beckibabe: Carriere was my previous favorite until I tried Gendarme 20. It's the perfect summer fragrance if you love clean fragrances and it lasts even longer on me than Carriere. The citrus notes are tamed by the lavender making this the freshest, cleanest fragrance I've ever used. It's impossible to overdo Gendarme 20 and the dry down is lovely. When I get a hug, people always tell me I smell so clean and so good.
Compared to Carriere and other "clean" fragrances, this one is a huge bargian. The four ounce EDP can be found online for 42.00

Review by drusilladru: This is the latest scent from Gendarme, like all of the Gendarme fragrances this one is very crisp and clean smelling. This one is more similar to the original Gendarme than V or Grabazzi, but like those two it is stronger and more complex than the original. It seems to have more citrus and floral notes in the middle and base, but it is not quite as sweet as V. Not quite my favorite, but this is another excellent fragrance from the folks at gendarme.

Review by lbarnold: Gendarme 20 is another winner from the Gendarme line. It starts off with an herbal, lavender note that quickly softens into that soapy, fresh from the shower smell that all Gendarme fragrances are known for. While Carriere is a floral-soapy scent and Gendarme a citrusy-soapy scent, 20 is a clean-soapy scent. I think the lavender tones down the citrus aspect. A great fragrance to wear in warmer weather or anytime you want to smell fresh and clean!

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Yves Saint Laurent Opium for Men

Review by mielr: Basicly I like it but I admit it could be too harsh (my DH wore it for a while). It is a "dark" fragrance and absolutely not for summer.

Review by psychoexgirlfriend: Mmm. I only got this one recently, so I'm not sure whether I'll be sick of it later. But for now, I like it a lot. Spicy, exotic, masculine, and sexy. I'd want to get closer to sniff a man who was wearing this. I like it much better than the original opium for women.

Review by Chloeclover: I think this is my DH's last bottle because I usually grumble when he wears that (especially when we have to sit in the car together after he put that on!)... I liked it at first but with the time it started to give me a headache. This is not a bad fragrance, it is complex, dark and well blended Oriental and it suits my husband quite OK, because he is tall, darkhaired, handsome man. But there is something in this fragrance that is definitely a way too sharp and too cloying...

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Review by lipstik:
Not bad but there is too much going on in this scent. Like if they combined every Ralph Lauren men's scent in one. For similar effect I would prefer Armani Attitude which is just gorgeus.

Review by andij: good grief charlie brown, i'm slowly going broke buying my b/f cologne. smelled this on a magazine strip and this fits him perfectly. i like more adult fragrances like chanel allure homme and he likes fruity stuff like ralph lauren romance, well this is like a combo. we can both be happy with double black. i've already gotten him the allure for christmas so i will just add this to it and the allure can be saved for nights and he can wear this everyday.

Review by dastac: Oh my! This one smells so good I had to buy it for my BF. I so love it, I sometimes spray some on me.

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