what to look for when buying a makeup brushes?3 good makeup brushes

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By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 good makeup brushes !


NARS Large Dome Brush 13

Review by GreeneyedGal: I love this brush, I thought it would be more like a typical "windsheild wiper" brush but it is'nt, it's great for blending. I looked at/felt it in the store first then ordered it online with 30% off and free shipping... I thought that was'nt a bad deal since they rarely go on sale. I would repurchase this brush if needed even if I could'nt find it on sale.

Review by redheadjane: Well I ordered this on ebay so the price wasn't too terribly bad, but it really wasn't what I was looking for either. It is too big, I wanted something that was smaller for blending and putting on loose powder eye shadow. This did not work for that. I suppose it would work good for other types of blending, this isn't a bad product but I just need something smaller.

Review by gogoamy: Good brush for blending. So far I'm happy with mine. I haven't washed it yet. Very very soft brush.

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Bare Escentuals Tapered Shadow Brush

Review by Alexis: I'm not a brush freak, and I hated the foundation brush from this company. (See my review for the details.) However, this eyeshadow brush delivers on its claims, doesn't shed, and deposits color beautifully, wet or dry. I bought my first one with one of the eyeshadow glimmers, and I noticed how it was the perfect tool for depositing concentrated amounts of the mineral powder on my skin, so I decided to try it as a concealer brush. It turns out it is even better for depositing the foundation in a small, controlled area, and I bought a second brush to use exclusively for this purpose. It's even better for concealer than the concealer brush. Expensive, but once you have what you need you probably won't have to buy another one.

Review by dastac: I love this brush! It is wonderful for precise crease work or for applying BE liner shadows dry(I much prefer the BE eyeliner brush when applying wet).
It is a long handled brush with tightly bound bristles that are tapered on each side...A great brush!

Review by julie9536: My new favorite shadow brush!!

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Smashbox Face Glow Brush

Review by miss_mac: This brush is amazing! I purchased this at the same time as the Tarte kabuki brush, and this is by far 10X better. This did not shed, was softer than I could have ever imagined and the short handle helped ease application when using with bronzer and blush. I also purchased a second one to use strictly with mineral powder. I highly reccomend this brush, as it's cute little washable travelling case is great for your handbag.

Review by sleepyone: I've had this brush for about two weeks now and I love it! I have quite a few kabuki brushes (Tarte/BE/Mac/NARS and the highly rated Lumiere kabuki) and I have to say I like this the most. It's relatively cheap (23 on sale) and it is very very very soft. In fact, after I washed the brush for the first time, I could no longer use it to buff MMU onto my skin because the bristles had became even softer than prior to washing. Right now, I'm using this brush for powder only. If you're thinking about using this for mineral foundation, it probably won't work for you.
I am buying a second one as backup.

Review by Graceteix: (+) veryyy soft
(+) no shedding
(?) gives off weird color when shampood
(+) i love the smell of it when ive just washed it, dont ask me why!
(+) i use this for blending blush, can also be used for applying loose powder
(-) not good for mineral fndt though. i tried this with mac mineralize skinfinish, and no powder gets on your face. i tried the skinfinish with sb buffer brush #24 and had great results!

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