what to look for when buying a makeup brushes?3 easy to use makeup brushes

By Stella

what to look for when buying a makeup brushes?Let's see the 3 easy to use makeup brushes !


Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Brush

Review by sjcsmall: The eyebrow brush is comprised of stiff bristles that are angled to a point. Dip the flat side into the shadow, and you can fill in your brows. Dip the angled side in, and you can define the shape. It is really a great brush.

Review by laurilauri:
This is a great brush! It has the most perfect angle, to create beautiful arches-yet most of all it's firm so your application can go on with percision. For me it's DEFINATELY a staple in my collection!

Review by cgosyne: Makes application so easy and the result i get after using it is great.

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Unlisted Brand Posh - crease brush duo

Review by fuxxy: these brushes are great
the bigger one for the crease and the smaller one u can use to put shadow on the lower lashline. GREAT brushes

Review by i_darling: I totally agree with the reviewer below, this two brushes are great: great control, soft application and soooo feminine, will buy again if they ever get lost/too old :)
I have other Posh brushes and I'm hooked :)

Review by almighty_curv: ABSOLUTELY satisfied with my purchase of these brushes :)
I use the big one A LOT to define my crease (or create a 'fake' crease, since I have the monolid asian eyes).
It works wonders! The brush is very soft, yet dense.
It packs on A LOT of e/s, so one sweep (or even a dab!) on your e/s is enough!
I use the small one (which is as amazing as the big sis) to color my inner corners and smudge the eyeliner on my lower lash lines.
It's also great to create the outer-v, since smaller eyes (like mine) don't have a wide enough space to draw the outer-v using regular crease/angled brush.
I got them at Rexall (Canadian drug store) for 25% off regular price (yay!)
They often go on sale and I regretted that I didn't get the other brushes on that day :(

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Anastasia Of Beverly Hills Dual Angled Cut/Spooly Brush

Review by maribebe: I have bought this brush TWICE and they both broke within a few months. When I first got the brush with a set, I loved it but when it broke I figured maybe I just got a dud. I popped into Sephora and grabbed a new one, and the spool busted right off not more than two months later.
Not great quality ! Disappointing for sure

Review by guitarzan: at first i loved this brush. the spooley is the perfect size for my brows and the angled brush is soft enough to apply powder naturally, yet stiff enough to apply it well. however, after having it only a few months, the brush has started to loosen from the wooden stick part. i just expected a little better quality. but other than that, it gets the job done.

Review by shopgirl087: I have tried other brushes to apply powder to my eyebrows, but this brush has real precision. The spooly end is perfect for coming through the brows. If I have put too much powder in my brows, I can just brush it out until it looks natural.

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