what to look for when buying a liquid foundation?3 effective liquid foundation

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By Sara

what to look for when buying a liquid foundation?Let's see the 3 effective liquid foundation !


Christian Dior Diorlift

Review by nina: I have been trying a sample of this and so far I like it. Has more coverage than the Diorlight and no fragrance from what I can tell. The colors are easily blendable and wear nicely.

Review by dxgirly: It does not cover 100% evenly. But that is probably because I have very dry skin because of the blemish treatments I am using. And it is still the best foundation that I have used.
I will definitely give it five lippies! Why? Because of the tone - 100 Ivory.
It is perfect match! Someone here said it has a bit yellowish underdone. I would disagree; it is perfectly neutral, porcelain tone.

Review by omegakitty: This is a really good foundation, however a little too thick for my preference. Diorlight is my HG. If you like something with more coverage than barely at all, this is a great foundation.

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Pout Radiant Foundation

Review by pinkiiish: The soon-to-be DC-ed Pout Radiant Foundation (on sale at VS stores that carry Pout) is tied with my now DC-ed HG foundation Diorskin. A MAC C3, Light 002 is a tad dark on me, but less yellowy than Fair 003.What I love is the airy texture and medium coverage. The satin finish is flawless, especially when applied with MAC 187 brush. I snagged bottles for 7.50 at the VS sale, but would pay 30 (retail) for 1 oz.- this foundation is just that good. The only drawback? No sunscreen! That's why my rating is 4 lippies.

Review by andij: Hoorah for new foundations! These are sooo much better than the old ones. Better coverage, bbut still easily blendable to a sheerer form, with a bit of highlighter thrown in for light reflection. It's very moisturizing too. I am no.5 olive complexion, and the color is spot on. My new HG foundation along with LM tinted moisturizer, and Vincent Longo Water Canvas, and Cargo One Base. A girl has the right to choose, don't she? :)

Review by didion0312: I bought this foundation after reading about it in Lucky magazine where one of their editors claimed it had great coverage and staying power. I have pretty flawless skin except for the times I break out due to hormones but I sometimes want to use foundation for a more polished look. My skin is combo-oily. I was disappointed by this product. The colour (light 01) oxidized on my skin so continuing to use it was pointless. It does provide decent coverage though but it is very difficult to blend (it adheres to your skin almost the moment you put it on). So I found working with it difficult even w a foundation brush. My mom has mature skin so I'll probably let her finish it.

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Victoria's Secret Soft Focus Liquid Foundation SPF 20

Review by coolRED: This is my favorite foundation. I keep trying to find one to replace it but i this cant. i am thinking of buying this again. love the color, consistency, and the pump

Review by GreeneyedGal: This foundation was surprisingly pretty good. First of all, I used it along with the primer. I felt it lasted fairly long and it did not cake or anything. However, the problem is that I can only wear it on days when my skin is not acting up because it offers light coverage. If what you're looking for is complete coverage, then this is most likely not for you. However, if you want minimal coverage and something quick that won't take up time blending then you may want to look into this. It goes for about 16 I believe which is pretty close to what foundations seem to go for these days.

Review by ooliedonna: i have been using this product for almost a month and i love it! i use the shade Light 20 which is perfect. (im nc20). i thought they had a nice range of color selections. i like that its a liquid foundation but its not runny. its very creamy and blends well. i dont even use a brush i just use my fingers and found that works the best. coverage is light, but i like that. its quite moisturizing and doesnt dry up on my face. and it really does give your face a "soft focus" look! i feel that more people should know about this foundation! its awesome, try it out!!!

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