what to look for when buying a lipstick?3 good lipstick review

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what to look for when buying a lipstick?Let's see the 3 good lipstick review!


Milani Lipstick (all shades)

Review by gogoamy: I love Milani's jarred bronzer, the shadows are exceptional, but not the lipsticks.
The colors I have are great. My gripes are that they fade to a weird corally shade. They also do that cakey thing at the corners of my mouth after a while. Too bad, the colors are great, the packaging beautiful and even the way the lipstick is carved. It isn't smooth all the way around.

Review by misswillow: I was looking for a red lipstick that didn't scream "clownish". I stumbled upon milani's lipstick in "red delicious". The color in the tube didn't really impress me at first, but after application I was pleasantly surprised. In the tube, it looks like a very deep berry red with TONS of sparkles, but on the lips it's a very sheer and beautiful light berry red leaning towards the pinker side of the red spectrum. What I love is how lightweight Milani's lipstick feels. As a former dancer and choir member, I have horrible memories of the caked-on heavy red lipstick that was required for performances. This lipstick feels more like a stick gloss with more color.
Though pleased with this purchase, I don't find this to be a very summery shade. This little golden tube will have to be stored away until fall when berry colors are more appropriate.

Review by oneofmylies99: I SO ADORE this lipstick. It's very inexpensive, has great staying power, great texture and it comes in a variety of beautiful hues to suit all. I own two of these, Magenta Madness which I've had for a while. It's a true and beautiful magenta. Looks gorgeous blotted with some clear or pink gloss over it. I also just purchased Rose Hip which is a really wild, dayglo hot pink fuschia- for you chicas that like wild colors like that. It looks quite awesome on- very rock n'roll if you like that look :) The only thing I can live without is the strong florally perfume scent- ewww.

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L'Oreal Colour Riche in Sea Fleur

Review by ahappyplace: Like one of the reviewers below, I have dark hair, pale complexion and blue eyes and I've always been drawn to fushia/magenta shades. This color looks rather intimidatingly dark in the tube, almost purple, but on my lips it violet toned magenta color. Surprisingly, it looks nowhere near as dark/or bright as you would think and its actually very flattering. It will definately call attention to your lips and this is very "look at me" kind of a color. I like L'oreal lipstick overall but its very moisturizing and for color like that I prefer opaque coverage and you won't get this with L'oreal, so one lippy off for that. However, I love the color and I think it look glamorous so will continue to buy until I find something better.

Review by tetrakis: A beautiful, deep fuschia with blue sheen. Perfect, even, coverage and stays put (doesn't bleed). It is similar enough to my first ever lipstick Lise Watier 'Rose Dramatique' that I purchased after my very first ever makeover at the Lise Watier counter in 1984. Sea Fleur is somewhat brighter. You don't need to be stuck in the 80's to wear this. All you need is the right complexion and restrained eye makeup to pull it off. Gorge'!

Review by clnfox: I love this color. It somehow is really bright, but surprisingly wearable. It's a hot, hot darker pink that has strong purple undertones in it. I'm a fair skinned girl with blond hair and it manages to not be an overpowering color. It's certainly eye-catching, but it doesn't scream. The texture is really good and I've never had any feathering issues, even without lip liner.
It does have that nasty, nasty L'Oreal lipstick smell, but I can't smell it once it's on my lips, only in the tube. This color is worth holding your breath for 20 seconds to apply!

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Vincent Longo Velvet Riche Lipstick - Hush Delight

Review by isabellet: i'm SO sad! looked super pretty on the tube...Peachy nude-brown (darker than mac Freckletone) but its looks like an unflattering "blah" peachy-brown on my uber pigmented lips....not the light nude that i craved for....i would have never imagine this, but it made me look dull! at least the texture is nice though...pretty smooth... MMM w/ yellow undertones, C5/C40 skintone...i assume girls with unpigmented lips or even GGG's would look better in this! much happier with DEMURE

Review by oopsygirl: This is an HG lipstick for me. I love the texture, it doesn't feel dry on my lips at all. I layer it over CARGO reverse lipliner and under Vincent Longo's Vesuvio Sheen lipstick. Then CARGO gloss in Kissimmee.

Review by guitarzan: Velvet Riche lipsticks have been reformulated with anti-aging and lip plumping ingredients. Contains Hyaluronic acid and Palmitoyl oligopeptide to plump and hydrate the lips. Hush delight is a tan nude or a honey brown color.

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