what to look for when buying a lipstick?3 effective lipsticks review

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By Monica

what to look for when buying a lipstick?Let's see the 3 effective lipsticks review!


Flirt Tint-a-licious Lipsheer SPF 15 in Queen

Review by blyss: I am always looking for a pinky nude shade. Most all brown undertones are death to me (between PPP and LLL), but this is different. More pink than brown. Good for casual days. Gives a more polished look than no lipstick. Very similar to BB sheer lipsticks (the skinny ones). Not frosty or shimmery.

Review by staci01: I've been wanting this for a while but every time I stop by at a Khol's, "Queen" is ALWAYS out of stock!!!!

Review by cperry: For me it's a MLBB lip tint. Very moisturizing and perfect for on the go. I love to wear it in the summertime because it has SPF of 15. For reference I'm an NC35.

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Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick

Review by lbarnold: I discovered Edward Bess lipsticks by accident and just love them. After months and months of serching to match - wait for it - a Maybelline lipstick from that natural-tone collection from a year or two ago, I finally found the perfect, flattering pink nude shade from his line (Pure Impulse)
The color is gorgeous and perfect for my MAC NC3 skin, and the texture is fantastic. I had used a Chanel aqualumiere lipstick before (Positano) for my nude shade, and the Edward Bess product just blows it away. The pigment is rich and concentrated, so just a swipe or two suffices (vs. 5-6 for the Chanel to show any color).
The lipstick also has a mild, pleasant fragrance/taste. Tube looks ordinary at first glance but feels substantial (feels like it's made of metal?)
Fabulous. Especially love it layered atop Bobbi Brown's gloss in "crystal"

Review by Ellz: Absolute high quality product, wears well, good finish, comfortable on lips, glides on perfectly, no waxy feel, not overly strong smelling (product is supposed to be fig scented but I detect no hint of fig but a generic mild fragrance). Pigmentation is good and colours are extremely wearable. Thumbs up!

Review by Olive143: I have 4 of his lipsticks and love the all: Pure Impulse, Night Romance, Forever Yours, and Tender Love. Night Romance is my favorite. Like the previous reviewer noted, the lipstick is very light-weight and semi-matte. Can?t wait to try more of this line!

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Christian Dior Dior Addict Ultra-Shine Sheer Lipcolor in 570- Shiniest Raspberry

Review by jules2064: Bought it but I'm not very happy with it. It is great in a case but not very impressive on lips. Very transparent and more pale than I've expected, I can't detect anything of the divine sexy raspberry shine. I prefer YSL's similar Pure Transparent Lipsticks ( in this case no.10 -pink or no.26 - intensive fuchsia ). IMO YSL Pure Transparent Lipstick is of a much better quality. Anyway, I'll have it in my purse for emergency (if I forget my lipstick at home).

Review by Erin: I love this colour! It's a pretty and unique bright pink (as it's not peachy but doesn't have fuchsia tones either). It's a deep but sheer and bright pink that leans more towards the warm side. It doesn't have the grittiness that some of the other Ultra-Shines have and it brightens up the face. It goes really well with Shu Uemura Glow On in P Pink 30 (the lipstick is the same colour but stronger) and feels very lightweight and moisturising. Perfect spring/summer lipstick (even though I just bought it in September!).

Review by almighty_curv: This is practically hot pink on my pale skin. I probably shouldn't wear it, but I get tired of wearing sheer copper-pink glosses all of the time.
The texture of this glosstick (don't know how else to characterize it) is so creamy and moisturizing and light, I feel as though I'm wearing a gloss. However, it packs more pigment and more staying power. If your lips are on the fuller side as mine are you should be aware that this gets a bit smeary and might make you look like a clown if you apply too much when you don't have a mirror and have had a couple of martinis.

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