what to look for when buying a lipstick?3 best lipstick

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what to look for when buying a lipstick?Let's see the 3 best lipstick !


Maybelline Mineral Power Lipstick in Chestnut

Review by Vaniessa: I really like this product. I use it when I do a neutral eye because it shows pretty brown on my lips. I would buy it again! The only problem is it doesn't last long.. :(

Review by ahappyplace: It is LOVE at first sight.. I know a good color when I see one. This lipstick is soooooooooo amazing. Not drying, not overpowering, just the kind of color I wanted and is closest to my natural lip color. I have this in Raisin, Chestnut and Shell Nude. And did I say this mineral lipstick line from Maybelline is great?

Review by belladoggie00: I love the formula of these. it's just creamy and opaque and long lasting, no real smell or taste. I just finished up chestnut went to get more to find out it's DC i grabbed sand a light pinky nude and what i thought was chestnut, nude shell, a brownish pink, ylbb shade. both are pretty natural colors but i'm running back tomorrow hoping chestnuts still there. they were marked down to 2. i love the minimalist packaging with the window. i hate opening to check shades.

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Wet 'n' Wild Lipstick- 514

Review by vengland: this lipstick is interesting because its a red, but its shimmery! its one of the only red lipsticks I've ever seen where the manufacturer dared to make it non-matte. I think that the whole red lipstick appeal is to look very refined and shimmer is kind of a younger thing. even though I think this is easier to pull off than NYC's retro red, I find myself reaching for this less because I want a more dramatic look if I am going to do red lips at all. however, its the easiest red color I have and that makes it a winner in my book

Review by blacklittlepig: I love, love, looove this lipstick. I got it for my birthday and I'm glad I did. It's such a pretty, shimmery red. And I get TONS of compliments when I wear it. And it's CHEAP so that's always a PLUS! Will definitely buy it again AND recommend it. In fact, I HAVE recommended it!

Review by AutumnBliss: God this stuff makes me look like a streetwalker...when I'm dressed casually. But if I'm all dolled up with some place to go this lipstick DEFINITELY makes a perfect finishing touch. And you can't beat the price. It IS a bold shade, so use sparingly and make sure you have the confidence to back up such a color ;)

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Lancome Rouge Sensation in Luxe

Review by kjjamm808: Beautiful lipstick. I wear this paired with NARS Penny Lane blush in the summer. They go together to well. I'm starting to be more and more impressed with Lancome. It's a brand I stopped buying a lot of years ago and will now be going back.

Review by mulhollanddrive: This is a very pretty summery shade. It's VERY rich, and very smooth. I'm not fond of the department store smell that it has, but But it's still a pretty shade :)

Review by almighty_curv: i got this as a GWP as well and though most dark colors dont look right on my MMM w/yellow undertone skintone (for reference,im C5/C40),i was really curious on how it would look on me coz there is a possibility it MAY look right...but of course,it didnt...it goes on a bronzey brown w/ some hints of pink and it made me look really dull...so im glad i got this for free coz i sure wouldnt waste my money on this! i ended up giving this to my mom...hopefully,it'll suit her better..

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