what to look for when buying a lipstick?3 best lipstick compare

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By Vicky

what to look for when buying a lipstick?Let's see the 3 best lipstick compare!


Prestige Aftershock

Review by nemomemo: This is an intense but sexy color! Sort of deep fuschia/magenta, with an iridescence to it. Not for the timid! I mix with gloss or neutral liner for day look, full throttle for evening/clubbing. And it stays on quite well, good texture. Ready to try more colors from Prestige...

Review by spitfireseven: Fun, fun, fun. I've been dabbling in bright lipstick lately, and Aftershock is one of my favorites...as with the poster below, it's one of those "put on...then rub off" kinda products, then I muster up the courage occasionally to actually wear it in public. Not sure, but it seems to be a comparable color to MAC Blow and NARS Funny Face (cool toned, super bright fuschias), both of which cost a much bigger chunk of change. Hooray for Aftershock.

Review by lorrainer07: Wowzers, Uncle Gadget! Gloriously beautiful, vibrant, sexy, power color! Just stopped in at Rite Aid to get some Alpha Hydrox products, and figured I'd take a little gander around the store (I'm 40 years old - you'd think I'd know better by now), when what to my wondering eyes should appear, but AFTERSHOCK! I usually wear only nudes, but have been wanting something with some cojones to give my face that extra sump'in-sump'in when I wear bronzer on it, and this is just the ticket. Gorgeous! So glad I found it!

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Lancome Rouge Magnetic in Truly

Review by betsyab: I just received this lipstick in a swap. This is truly gorgeous color. Light dusty mauve, very soft, cool shade. Not pink, not purple. Just a little deeper and darker than my lips. Perfect and sophisticated color. Lasts long on my lips. FYI: I'm LLL with blonde hair and blue eyes. Fair skin, medium pigmented lips. Warm, nude/orangey colors aren't for me.

Review by bebejacket: I've been wearing this color for a few years..it's a matte, milky, dusty rose that on my heavily pigmented lips looks natural. I have a hard time achieving the nude lip look as anything with a red/orange base looks unnatural and weird on me. This color blends in with the deep reddish brown color of my lips, hence giving me the nude lip look.

Review by stephanie32082: I like this colour. Its your typical neutral mauve brown. I think that it has been discontinued in Canada, in favour of the Rouge Attraction line.

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Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds - Brilliant Bronze

Review by askewchick: My all time favorite lipstick color- very beaytiful copper rose color. This would be the lipstick ever if it was more moisturizing and less glitterly. Great for people who like neutrals.

Review by mz654:
It is a standard bronze that would look good in the summer months. Two thing that bug me are, it has a tendency to bleed at the edges of my lips and it doesn't last very long.

Review by ZoSo: I love this lippie!It is a beautiful bronze color that does not wash me out it is MLBB.I don't notice too much of the glitter that others have mentioned.It is there but its subtle and does not bother me.I agree that the packaging could be better but this color is perfect for me so I am not going to complain too much about the packaging!

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