what to look for when buying a lip treatment?3 recommended lip treatment

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By Tifanny

what to look for when buying a lip treatment?Let's see the 3 recommended lip treatment !


Carmex Cherry- Jar

Review by Bonnie2842: i like this product, it smells lovely and moisturise my lips, leaving them rosier and smoother.
However, i do agree with other reviewers and recommend that u dont use this all the time as it can cause flaky lips if used religously. This happened to me last year and ever since then I only use it occasionally.

Review by nishie: I have such a history with lip balms/chapsticks/lip conditioners...whatever. I can't go to sleep without something on my lips, and I apply it several times throughout the day and the cherry Carmex in the tub is my favorite of all time ever. I used the regular Carmex in the tub before the cherry flavor came out, but this one has sunscreen in it which is a major plus! Never greasy, it lasts a long time and works wonderfully. It's also useful for minor rashes and skin irritations, as well as on dry red noses that get blown too often from colds or allergies or what-have-you. It doesn't have much of a taste, and the cherry flavoring/smell is subtle.

By the way, I find that the same cherry Carmex in tube form is quite different from the tub form. It smells different, and feels weirdly different going on.

Review by dxgirly: I prefer the original formula Carmex jar over this one. While this smells juicy and offers SPF, it does not moisturize as well nor has as long as a staying power as the original one.

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Nivea A Kiss of Shine - All colors

Review by Jennybear: I have this in Red. It gives a very sheer soft red tint. I wish it was more pigmented though, it's just too sheer for me (my lips aren't very pigmented). I do like that the non-sticky texture, the ease in application, the applicator, the little tube, the price, and that it doesn't dry out my lips.

Review by Newme: I got this in Natural and I love it. It's just basic lip gloss that hydrates. The Natural shade is beautiful and the scent is fruity-ish. It kept my lips happy all day. One thing I noticed is that the hydration really lasts. When the product wears off, my lips still felt comfortable for a long time. Would repurchase!

Review by gogoamy: Gorgeous color (the pink one) but I had issues! :/
First, when squeezing, the color and gloss seems to be separated, so I had to get it going on a tissue first (waste!)
Second, didn't last very long, which is a shame because it really is a pretty gloss.
Third, and worst, I had some weird burning reaction to it! I have no idea what or why because I never have reactions to any cosmetics, lotions, etc. Tried to use it a few times but ended up just trashing it because of the reaction. Bummer.

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The Body Shop Hemp lip conditioner (stick)

Review by omegakitty: So this is ridiculously expensive and smells (and tastes) terrible. BUT it really saves those chapped winter lips in just a few days. So how can you not like it? It also feels really nourishing on lips without looking greasy or feeling like a film. Would definitely buy again if my lips started cracking again.

Review by Viognier: I bought this as part of The Body Shop's 4/20 promotion for 4 for 20 on hemp products. The only thing that I wish this lip conditioner had is an SPF. Other than that it really helps soften my lips and it tastes good, kinda of like early grey tea. I really enjoy it :)

Review by didion0312: good for your lips. downsides though, its pricey and it has no properties like a glossyish finish or a nice tint so i'm sticking to blistex.however, if these downsides are not bothering you, buy it, as its very moisterizing.

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