what to look for when buying a lip products?3 best lip products

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By Fiora

what to look for when buying a lip products?Let's see the 3 best lip products !


New York Color Smooch Proof Lip Stain

Review by KateN: I bought this in #492 Never Ending Nude, and I have to say-it's great! I don't usually like stain formulas and hate the colors they always seem to come in even more. It's still not my perfect shade, but it's great for layering. And it's pretty darn moisturizing, for a lip stain. My lips don't feel dry and cakey like they have with previous stains I've tried. After I eat, it's definitely worn off a little, but leaves enough that I don't feel as though I need to re-apply. I think the "16 hr" claim is pushing it, though! :-)

Review by vengland: Great product! The lasting power depends on how you layer it. If you choose to do a sheer wash, it will last about 4 hours. If you go over the lip with the stain a few more times, the stain will be more concentrated and will last you the whole day. To counter act the super dark concentration at the beginning of the day, you can top your lips with a more opaque colored lipgloss. And as the day progresses, you can switch to a more sheer lipgloss to allow the tint to show.

Review by didion0312: I tried these once and thought they were bad. I gave them a second try because they were in Allure magazine, so I bought the last "Forever Mine Wine" on the shelf. I was looking for a plum purple stain, sort of like NARS Damned lip pencil. The marker stays moist with product, but it doesn't leak or bleed once it touches your lips like most marker stains. It seems to fade evenly and stay on, but probably not for 16 hours. I do like the shade range. I think I'll buy a few more if this one holds up and doesn't dry out.

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Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Raisin

Review by funkybabe: I have many of these actually, and I love them all! ;O)~ Raisin is my natural lip color, but better. And I love it's pearlized shine! I find it moisturizing, but it won't stay on all day (show me one that does). Does stain the lips a bit though. I like that!
Here are a few of the colors:
"Champagne - A pearlized, shimmering silver.
Coffee - A rich, roasted brown.
Merlot - A luscious, deep burgundy.
Nutmeg - A sparkling, golden bronze.
Raisin - A luxurious, earthy red.
Rhubarb - a warm, golden pink.
Watermelon - A juicy, silver pink."
These are cheap too! I would recommend!

Review by ooliedonna: Great rich colour lip balm. It is the perfect berry stain. Reminds me of Clinique almost lipstick in Black Cherry, but better for you. Natural and paraben free. Excellent!

Review by pretty_please: i love this color. it's more like a lipstick than a stain or whatever they are trying to market it as. the problem with this product is the peppermint oil. why does burt's bees keep putting this in lip products? it burns my lips if they are chapped. something in the lip shimmers is extremely drying. i'll start out with normal soft lips, and then i'll apply burt's bees lip shimmer. by the end of the day my lips are totally dry and chapped. then the peppermint oil really starts to burn. ugh. so two lippies for pretty long lasting color. but other than that this product fails.

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Bobbi Brown Lip Crayon in Pink Raspberry

Review by Vaniessa: I didn't get this at first tho the BB MUA recommended it for me. Got the Wild Raspberry instead which turned out to be too cool for me. However, I got the Pink Raspberry anyway and I like it a lot.
Colour is a pink with slight blue tone which turns up nicely on my NC30 skin. Has a minty scent and lasts quite long. However, I find that there is not much product, as stated by the other reviewers. Sharpening the lip crayon wastes quite a bit of product, and the soft texture of the crayon means you can't have it sharpened too much as the nib will break upon application.
Still, it's better buy for me than the Wild Raspberry one.

Review by belle2216: I really really like this product. I usually steer away from lipstick, esp. in the summer when it just seems to melt in the tube. The MUA recommended the lip crayon trio, and I think it's a great alternative. This color is probably my favorite for everyday. Some days I use it alone and others with a little gloss to lighten it up. It does go on fairly matte, so if you are used to gloss like I am, you'll definitely want to top it off. The packaging is very portable, and I love that it comes with its own sharpener. It seems like the "big" sharpener for fat pencils isn't universal across brands for some reason. Very creamy and lasts quite long.

Review by lorrainer07: So far i'm really enjoying this product. I didn't think I would as i'm not really a lipstick person. They always seem to dry my lips out. Funny, since I own a drawer of them. But I love BBs lip liners. So far this stays on quite well, saves me the step of applying lip liner separately, and feels quite comfortable. Having said that, I am applying the BB crystal gloss over the top, but i'm currently battling a case of chapped lips. And let's face it, I love the feeling of gloss on my lips. The colors are darker than I normally wear but I like the change sometimes. If they came out with a few more nude colors I could easily see this in my travel/summer kit.

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