what to look for when buying a lip liner?3 top lip liner

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a lip liner?Let's see the 3 top lip liner !


Paula's Choice Longlasting Lipliner - Anti-Feather Clear

Review by kimberpoo: I love this clear lipliner. I use glossy lipsticks and this really keeps them from bleeding. Years ago I used Coty "Stop It". I still like that better, but since they discontinued it, Paula's is the best I've found.

Review by London84: I use this every time I apply lip gloss. For those types of l/g's that tends to numb your lips, this helps prevent that - just remember to apply all over your lips and not just outline it.

Review by funkybabe: Works perfectly and the price is right. What more can I say?

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Estee Lauder Artist's Lip Pencils

Review by julie9536: I have two of these that i received in a PWP holiday 2004 set from EL. The kit contained Spice Writer and Apple Cordial Artist Lip Pencils with the white rubber finger space thing. But anyways, Spice writer is a great nude and apple cordial was supposed to be red, but this red definately turns hot pink on me. I hate that. Neither pencil is super soft like some brands, (VS lipliner) but its also not super hard like some lines (WnW). ITs just an ok product in terms of quality. I will continue to use Spice but apple cordial is a goner. NOt the greatest product but not the worst ever. I wouldnt repurchase this but would use one in a GWP!

Review by ooliedonna: Here's an example of GWPs at work. I have two (Rose and Pink Writers) from free gifts, and would never have experienced them had I not received them in a gift. I absolutely need liner as I have a terrible time with things bleeding on me. I'm fanatically devoted to Prestige's waterproof lip liners, as they never give me any trouble, so I had these GWP samples and hadn't tried them. However, a few months ago I just couldn't find a non-brownish pink in the Prestige collection, so I tried the Pink Writer...and it was wonderful! It never bled, and it stayed on just as well as the Prestige liners. I was impressed. Now if I find a useful color in the EL pencils which I don't have in the Prestige, I would actually purchase it.

Review by kimberpoo: I only buy gloss at Estee Lauder coz they have just the right amount of shimmer; but the other day i didnt have a lip color and my friend let me borrow hers and i was like, 'this is creamy and just the perfect consistancy'. It looked good, but i chalked it upto first impressions but i later noticed it stay put for the entire day! i had to go check out the color collection ~ nice. The SA's were quite helpful. Love the packaging, the blending tip adds to it all.

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Stila Lip Liner- No. 1

Review by didion0312: I guess what you consider neutral depends on your own lip and skin color, but this is the perfect neutral lip liner - for me. I find MAC Spice far too orange and many other popular 'nudes' just too brown. This has enough pink in it to blend well with my own lip color. I like the texture too. It's soft enough to use without dragging, but hard enough to maintain a good point. And it never snaps off in the sharpener. A staple.

Review by suze9_8: I got this lipliner by mistake ordering No 9 on E-bay. I simply love Stila lip liners. No 1 is the perfect colour for my pigmented lips so I can wear lighter colors of lipsticks. I will buy again for sure. I just ordered No 9 again to wear with other lipsticks. HG lipliners.

Review by wunverdoll: This lipliner is okay, I was looking for a true nude but this one's a little on the pink side. However it is worth the money because it goes on very smoothly and the color lasts and goes with most of my lipglosses.

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