what to look for when buying a lip gloss?3 top lip glosss compare

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a lip gloss?Let's see the 3 top lip glosss compare!


Bloom Lip Gloss - Cosmopolitan

Review by julie9536: I love the texture and consistency of this wand gloss-not sticky at all! I also love the colour-it's much more than just an average pink and it would look amazing on N5 or N4 skin tones. love it!

Review by Leelee57: I love this gloss! Generally, I love all Bloom's glosses, in fact I have practically everything...but this, (tied with Cutie Pie) is my favorite. It's a shimmery bubble gum color in the glass tube, but on my lips its a sparkly light pink that is pigmented enough to look really pretty. I'm also crazy about the scent (Mandarin-vanilla.) Just two rants though: 1) It does not have a very good staying power, and I find myself applying and reapplying it often; 2) I love wand type glosses, but the wand of this one is straight, instead of slightly asymetrical at the tip, so it's a little tricky to use.

Review by Cristy1970: In the tube, I thought this would be really similar to Sugar, but it is a lot lighter - definitely a light pink. I am an LLL and it isn't too light for me. I use it when I do a smokey eye so that my lips don't compete with my eyes. It is the first light pink gloss that I've found that I like for that purpose.

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Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss Zena

Review by kitten75: I love Xena. It is such a beautiful light pink color. I wish it would not be LE. There is no other shade like it yet in the Buxom collection. I have very pigmented lips, so I cannot wear dark pink glosses (like Kanani) very well and I need something lighter. Please bring this out in the regular collection BE!!!

Review by cosmokid: Like many others here, I got this in a set from QVC. Well, it was true love at first swipe! This is the most perfect nude lip gloss I have in my drawer and ... it actually does plump my lips!!!! I can't imagine why Leslie hasn't brought it back into her regular offerings because it is stunning. Love it!

Review by clnfox: I love the pretty pink colour of this gloss and the minty tingle it leaves on the lips. However, I hate that the sparkles in this gloss feel gritty and chunky on my lips. Definitely will not repurchase.

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Bath and Body Works Goldie Lipgloss in Nylon

Review by joheinous: The only thing that persuaded me to try this brand was the fact that the lip glosses were on sale and Bath and Body Works for 75% off, and I ended up purchasing Nylon for something like 2. For this price, how can I complain...? Anyway, I grabbed this shade on a whim, not really taking time to test all the colors. I got lucky because Nylon is a winner. It's a nude-bronze-rosey shimmer, with excellent pigmentation, staying power, and a cake batter flavor. Wow! Will I repurchase? Probably not, because it's expensive (I almost never spend big on lg or ls) and there are way too many other "fish" in the sea to try out. I must give props where they are due...this is a high quality product that is worth checking out, if you are so inclined. Especially if it's on sale.

Review by fuxxy: The shade of this in the tube does look a lot like nylon stockings, that slightly tanned tone. As I started applying it I got scared for a moment because it looked very light and shimmery. Once it was smoothed out though the color was very nice. Nylon also took on a peachy/pink shimmer on my lips. Great alone or over a lipcolor. Nice taste and staying power too.

Review by CancerianPrincess: Love this gloss and all the others by goldie! originally tried the brand when a travel size came free in a goodie-bag-with-purchase. Love the scent/taste/colour! a bit sticky, but makes the lips feel gorg and soft!

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