what to look for when buying a lip gloss?3 recommended lip glosss brand

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By Monica

what to look for when buying a lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip glosss brand!


Sugar Cosmetics Gleam

Review by Suzy_h: This gloss is so freaking sticky! I did not care for this color or the taste of this gloss.

Review by lorrainer07: This is a wonderful lipgloss! I don't have any complaints at all...it's yummy, it is a nice nude shade with pink glitter, and it stays well. I will definitely repurchase this gloss.

Review by shelby1123: I love this lip gloss! I originally got it in the Mini Slicks gift set for my birthday and fell in love with it so much that I bought the full-sized one. It's a gorgeous nudey-pink gloss that goes on sheer and pinkish. The best part, though, is that it tastes and smells like candy -- I can't stop eating it off my lips! Great lasting power, too, and slanted tip makes it easy to apply. It's a little sticky, but you need stickiness for staying power. Overall, one of my all-time favorite glosses (and I own a TON of lip gloss).

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Revlon Brush On Shine

Review by Cordelia: I bought this in Amber Ablaze last fall and I am sooo glad I did...it is unique addition to my collection and it really it interesting. I love the applicator...more like a paint brush than a typical lipgloss applicator. The color is an orange with glittery sparkle in it so it isn't something that I really slather on...but it is really very sheer any how. I actually wear it over lipsticks and usually just put it in the middle of my lip just for a little kick and it gives my lips a lot of dimension. I love it!

Review by Viognier: I really like this product. I have Mulled Cider and I *love it* :) It is a beautiful deep pinky brown with some wine tones to it. Normally a wand-gloss gal, I really like the brush on style b/c it eliminates the need for a lipbrush.
The best part about this product is the color. It's just beautiful

Review by joheinous: I have this in Mulled Cider, a wonderfully complex colour that is a mix of brown, red, and berry with gold shimmer. I like the control the small brush allows for, though I do agree it takes awhile to apply. The colour isn't as dark as you'd think; on me it's more of a sheer stain with a shiny finish than a thick gooey gloss. Good staying power as well. Surprisingly expensive for a drugstore gloss (I paid 11 CDN), but well worth it.

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Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm

Review by KateN: I have this in #03. It smells lovely. I like the color - it is not sticky at all. I love it!

Review by kimberpoo: I have this in the "Cherry" shade, and it's great. Gives a healthy dose of pigment for a gloss, smells delicious, and doesn't dry my lips. What more could you ask for?

Review by spitfireseven: I have this in 02, the brownish color. This is a beautiful shiny gloss that keeps my lips moist. I don't like the cherry scent very much, but the feel and look of the gloss is amazing. Very nice. I would buy more if these were around 18-19 bucks!

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