what to look for when buying a lip gloss?3 recommended lip gloss brand

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a lip gloss?Let's see the 3 recommended lip gloss brand!


Annabelle Le Gloss - Superstar

Review by dontblink15: A super sheer, nearly clear shimmery pearl, this gloss came as a surprise to me. I haven't paid much attention to Annabelle since I attempted a lipstick of theirs a while ago (I found it to be a mediocre product), but these Le Glosses are wonderful. They're not as sticky as the famed MAC Lipglasses, but they do stick. At about 6-7CDN, they're a fraction of the price of Chanel Glossimers, and I find the wear is similar. This particular shade is universally flattering (as there's not much to it) - it just fits over every conceivable lip color without altering the shade.

Review by Carrie: These are definitely in my top 3 favorite lip glasses, I have bought many different colors and they are all great. This one is nude with sparkles, the sparkles are not too outrageous though, it looks great on. I like to wear it alone or over nude lip gloss like (mac myth, among others) for a going out look. It look even better when I'm tanned, so i would highly recommend for summer. Can be paired with almost any eye look.

Review by Olive143: I got this lip gloss in a gift package when I bought face cleansers etc. from Shopper's. The colour looked ok, so I tried it on. The applicator was weird, which made the gloss hard to apply. The colour was mediocre, but I did like the glittery effect. However, the gloss itself was so sticky, and felt slightly uncomfortable. Therefore, I would not buy this product again.

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The Body Shop Wand Lip Gloss

Review by bastet: These are the lipglosses in the long wand style container. I got LG02(nude shimmer) and LG04(neutral pink beige nude similar to MAC Lust). The texture is a liquid lipstick mixed with gloss and lasts like a glossy lipstick, moisturized my lips as the winter is here. There were like 8 other color to choose from.

Review by oopsygirl: overall, a very good gloss. i have this in LG 02. it's a sheer, brownish-nude color. NOT sticky at all. it smells ok too. theres nothing really special about their packaging. it's just a very long tube (only 7ml of product) topped off with a dark green cap that SOMEWHAT resembles the body shop logo. i wud buy again. but for 13 canadian, it's quite expensive.

Review by bebejacket: I bought this because it was on sale. I've used it once. Nice colour but smells kinda funky.

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Bonne Bell Sponge on sparkler

Review by kitten75: Yay! The sponge-on sparklers are awesome! They have awesome colours, flavours, scents, shine and they look great! It's your basic everyday lip gloss. It has a moisturizing complex, like MANY of Smackers' products, and I just love them.

Review by kerroppifreak: This was a definate staple for me back in elementary school. My favortie was Cotton Candy Clouds. I tried it again in Cherry Meteor... nice slight reddish tint and very shiny and shimmer-ie. The consistancy is very thin, and I almost always prefer a sticky texture. But I actually like this. I remember the caps always used to break if you closed them too tightly. I used to put tape over them to try and fix the crack. But it seems they may have made the cap a little stronger, I haven't had a problem! The name has also been slightly changed, it's now Lip Sparkler. I really like these!

Review by island_honey: A bit too sparkly for my taste, and doesn't have much staying power. But the Vanilla Frosting one smells so good (mmm, just like cake) that I just can't help myself!

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