what to look for when buying a lip gloss?3 popular lip gloss reviews

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By Marcella

what to look for when buying a lip gloss?Let's see the 3 popular lip gloss reviews!


Black Radiance Radiant Lipgloss - Coral Craze

Review by Bethany09: I like this color too. To be honest I bought Too-Faced Gossip Gloss in Paparazzi HOPING for a color like this - but no. The Black Radiance gloss is more pigmented and has a nicer sheen than paparazzi, which makes me look washed out. I am a new fan of Black Radiance glosses. I have 4 and would consider trying even more. Oh yea... people might be interested to know that I am not black! I am not even brown! I am not quite as white as they come, but close. I still love Black Radiance. See my other reviews for other colors!

Review by JettNY: Beautiful Coral color that has shimmery gold fine glitter. Is the same color as Revlon Super Lustrous gloss but was 3.00 so I tried it and love it. There are a couple other colors that I am going back for. This gloss is not sticky or tacky and is average but oh so pretty and ya can't beat the price.

Review by GonnaBeARockStar: I still can't believe it, but this lipgloss is a ringer for MAC Lychee Luxe! Its a very pigmented orange-coral with high shine and shimmer. There is alot of shimmer like I said, but the gloss itself is very smooth and not gritty. I have to constantly reapply (every 2 hours or so) but its such a great bargain I don't mind. It was only 2.50, so I am definitely planning on going back and trying some others.

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Christian Dior Dior Addict Ultra Gloss 333 Hologram Coral

Review by almighty_curv: Let me start off by saying I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS GLOSS! When I first saw it I thought that it was too orangey/coral and that it wouldn't suit me - I WAS SOOOO WRONG! Don't let the colour in the tube put you off at all - on the lips it is the most beautiful peachy-pink colour. It's perfect to wear everyday as a natural gloss that has an extra something that a lot of other glosses don't offer. In terms of quality, of course it is FANTASTIC (as all the Dior Addict Ultra Glosses are!) so very smooth and long lasting! The packaging is also great, very luxurious indeed! Considering all the pros and lack of cons in this gloss I figured the price (43 AUD) to be quite cheap - after all, you are getting one of the best quality lipglosses in a beautiful shade! I would definitely repurchase but it's a shame that Hologram Coral is a LIMITED EDITION! Go and buy it - you'll love it!!

Review by navarre: when I tried this on the back of my hand, it is a hologramic orange-pink colour, but the colour doesn't really show on my lips. It is a colour that is close to natural lip colour. As for shine, it's not very shiny...like 3 out of 5. I love the pkging the most. Texture-wise, it's quite smooth to apply and doesn't dry my lips out. I think I will buy other colours again if my lipglosses ever runs out!

Review by Loriwong: I love this gloss. As others have said, it's bright in the tube but goes on a sheer natural colour. More pink than orange (although very subtle). Love the scent and packaging.

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Lancome Juicy Tubes Pop ~ Raspberry Ice

Review by Sybil84: This is not a very pigmented JT POP. It is a light pinkish color with gold shimmer. Very pretty on, but not much color. Just a hint. The taste of the POPs are much better than regular ones to me though.

Review by CancerianPrincess: This is a shimmery pink that reminds me a lot of Urban Decay's ID XXX Shine. There is a minimal cooling effect (I was sad) but it is a wonderful color for every day wear.

Review by Capprii: Love this color- has a slight gold shimmer in the flattering shade of pink. VERY shimmery and shiny. I love this- smells like bubblegum, and stays on forever! Will definitely buy again.

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