what to look for when buying a highlighters?3 effective highlighters

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By Sara

what to look for when buying a highlighters?Let's see the 3 effective highlighters !


Agnes B. Brightening Make-up Base

Review by Suzy_h: This is a great little highlighter. Yes, it's expensive, but if you order from CCB-Paris at all, you know that they frequently offer deals and you should never pay more than 1/2 price for it. I haven't tried this as an all-over base, but I do really like to use it under my eyes as a concealer/brightener. Goes on smoothly, turns to a nice powder, provides just the finest shimmer. Have been using it daily for about a month and still hardly making a dent in it.

Review by maribebe: i love this stuff! it says it makes your face have kind of a glow, and it does. not quite a shimmery look, more natural than that. it just makes your face look..um..nice? i like it, and it's very easy to apply. just dab it on and blend it in. i got mine a year ago, i use it about every day, and i still have plenty left. 16, but you can get it on sale for 8 at ccb-paris sometimes.

Review by Jaie: It is a good cream texture highligther. it goes on smoothly and the tiny sparkles light up your face. I mostly use it on top of my MAC face and body foundation, but today I use the base alone, and it looks pretty good. The container also lasts forever.

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Sephora Luminous Trio - Bronze Trio

Review by dontblink15: just bought it will update after using

Review by cperry: I was on my way to getting a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, when I was way-layed at Sephora. I was searching for a glow, not sparkle, and I thought only BB could deliver it - nope! For less than half the price, I got a product so similar to the Bronze Shimmer Brick as to be nearly risible. Gives a good glow-job. LOL.

Review by cloud0204: This is a really great product. It's finely milled and shimmery. I have used mine as eyeshadow in a pinch and got compliments on it! One of the best products ever and fairly inexpensive!

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Hard Candy Glow All The Way in Glamazon Bronze

Review by OutofControl: love this highlighter! ive only tried one highlighter (highbeam from benefit) but this is my favourite! i have tanned skin so this colour is perfect for me. you get a huge bottle for an amazing price, especially because you litterally need a half a dime sized amount for this product to spread all over! please try you will LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Review by oopsygirl: I'm pretty pasty white (I'm talking about the lightest shade MAC carries white). I had wanted something I could mix with my moisturizer so I could rub it on my legs for a "glow". This is perfect! A little mixed into some moisturizer is enough to make my legs look nice but not darker than the rest of my body. 8 and not even half a pea size works per leg for me! This is going to last more than all summer.
Note: Ladies make sure your tube hasn't been opened. I don't know what it is with Walmart customers who think that they can go around opening products without buying them. It took me over a month to get a tube that was still sealed (one store had at least 5 tubes opened; why one isn't good enough I don't know).

Review by KateN: Well this for me was a big hell no! I can imagine for some this would be perfect and I can see how some gals would enjoy. The price point is great, you get alot of product, the packaging is pretty (gold) and functional (squeeze tube). But for me it was way too much. Lots of shimmer and a bit too dark. Its a bronzy cream with pinky undertones. I would look ridiculous wearing this. I'm not even sure how I could make it work, how much do you use, where do you apply it? all over? I dunno maybe thats the problem. Its a no go for me.

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