what to look for when buying a hair styling?3 popular hair stylings

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By Marcella

what to look for when buying a hair styling?Let's see the 3 popular hair stylings !


Framesi WIO Strait Balm by Framesi

Review by Chloeclover: I purchased this to use on my side-swept bangs. I get it half off because I'm a cosmetology student. I have naturally curly, color treated hair. It feels light in my hair and smells pleasant. Kind of reminds me of a dryer sheet. lol Does an excellent job straightening and leaves my bangs smooth and shiny, even before I flat-iron! I apply some before I round brush my bangs out and then add a little more once my hair is dry before I flat iron. I'm not sure if it's necessary to add more. I could just be overly cautious! Best stuff I've ever tried!

Review by nechama22: Excellent product for making your hair sleek. This product is water based so
won't dry your hair! It actually moisturizes the hair! I have thick hair that
I color and highlight with waves at the ends with a lot of frizzies. I use WIO
on my wet hair and dry with a paddle bush for faster results. What is so amazing about this product is that you can use it on your dry hair before flat
ironed, and it is HUMIDITY RESISTANT too!

Review by labelslut: They used this on me when I went to the salon. It was fantastic. It doesn't weigh my hair down at all, and I've got fine hair. It's like I'm not even using product. Even if I don't use a flat iron, it still looks really good. I'm very pleased with it.

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Joico Brilliante Pomade

Review by Alexis: I've used this product for almost 10 years! I have medium, straight, asian hair. I've always had a problem with fly aways and find that this product helps keep all those at bay. I also use it after curling my hair to seperate the curls. I even use a bit of it before curling becuase it helps keep the curls better. I find it gives it a more natural loose and finished look. I use it for everything actually, when I had short flipped out pixie type hair for texture, after flat ironing, blow drying, and finishing. Great product!

Review by omegakitty: this product is a good pomade for smoothing out ends and adding a little shine. don't use alot, it can be greasy. i only use on ends, especially in between hair cuts when ends are getting a little damaged.
i liked that it's not packed w/ fragrance. there is a little scent to it (kind of like grape) but it's really mild and un-noticeable once on your hair.

Review by Keva: I bought this product about 3 years ago ... and I still have it. OMG you only need a little bit of it b/c it shines your hair so perfectly with a little amount, overdoing it would make it greasy.
I use this as my finishing product for when I straighten my hair. You can use it for the ends to flip whatever way you want ... its a quite flexible product.
I would repurchase it ... that is whenever I finish what I have now.

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Got 2 Be Smooth Operator Smoothing Hairspray

Review by miss_mac: This hair spary is not sticky and doesnt make hair crusty and hard
it leaves hair soft and managable. Only complant is that it doesnt give the strongest hold but it left my hair very natural looking.

Review by clnfox: I love this hair spray! I don't use it often - just when i want to curl pieces of my hair that didn't curl so well naturally, but when I use it I am always pleased.
Most hairsprays I have used are really sticky and smell bad and weird. This one actually smells kind of good, and I don't find it sticky at all. It also doesn't make my hair crunchy, and it holds my curls really well.
I forget how much I paid for this one, but I got it on sale, and at a drugstore price, this one is definitely worth picking up.

Review by Suzy_h: Bought this yesterday on a buy one get one free sale. I LOVE the smell, it's sooo delish. Isn't the purpose of hairspray for holding hair in place? However, it does absolutely nothing that a "hairspray" is supposed (hold the hair in place) to do for your hair. This doesn't hold a thing --- nada! On a short note: the packaging is really cute and girly, but that's about it for this product. I'm returning it for something else.

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