what to look for when buying a hair conditioner?3 best hair conditioners

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By Fiora

what to look for when buying a hair conditioner?Let's see the 3 best hair conditioners !


Aveda All Sensitive Conditioner

Review by belladoggie00: Like the shampoo, I bought 2 bottles of this at 5.99 each - a pretty good deal. I picked up the Curessence conditioner as well and used that for a couple of days first, thinking that I needed a little deep conditioning. However, when I began to use this conditioner after the All Sensitive shampoo, I felt my hair and scalp looked and felt better. This range is perfect for my hair type and my poor dry sensitive scalp.

Review by jenss79: I have fine, medium length hair that i wash everyday. I have bleach highlights. I use this conditioner £15 for 200ml in UK) and its light enough not to weigh down my hair and I get the colour additive (but not the perfume due to allergies) and it actually changed my colour from brassy to classy!! My holy grail everyday conditioner. Will try more of their range as this has really been a godsend.

Review by andij: This is the absolute BEST conditioner for long thick dry hair. I have spent an obscene amount of money over the years seaching for a conditioner that would leave my hair silky smooth. I finally found it in this product. It is expensive but worth every penny. I love this conditioner!!!

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TiGi Rockaholic Livin the Dream Daily Conditioner

Review by IiIy: Rockaholic conditioner is just as good as the shampoo! It's a Mama Bear, not too heavy and not too light - it's just right. Moisturizing without weighing my thick, fine hair down or making my roots greasy. Like the shampoo, the scent is light and fresh. I just love it. I got the shampoo for 14 and the conditioner for 12, so a good deal for the quality.
TiGi description:
"Livin' the dream takes extreme energy. Green tea, goji berry, gotu kola and multi-minerals are a full-throttle fix for lifeless, mistreated hair. Formula is fueled to repair and rehydrate. Amp up your hair's energy level and party on, people!"

Review by askewchick: Fantabulous conditioner :) Smells great , moisturises and detangles well, love it!!

Review by CherryBlossom03: I'm going to preface this by saying I don't need a heavy conditioner, my hair isn't dry so if yours is this likely isn't going to be right for you.
I *love* this conditioner! My hair is color treated (darker) and this is a perfect everyday conditioner for me. This is a lighter than your average conditioner for color treated hair, but I find all of those to be way too heavy. This is the perfect balance for me of being moisturizing without being heavy, and it's easy too wash out too boot :) My hair still feels light and voluminous but not dry. I like the smell too, it's kinda citrus but not overwhelming and the smell doesn't linger. This coupled with the shampoo are great for those of us who go darker with our hair color!
And as I mentioned in my review of the shampoo, if you have an Ulta near you they run specials and b2g1 on TiGi often, so check there before you go to a salon :)

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Bumble & Bumble Color Support Conditioner for cool blondes

Review by Suzy_h: This is indeed a spectacular product--brightens up blonde highlighted hair like nothing else. In the beginning I also used the color-support shampoo; however, the Gentle shampoo is just that (gentle) and the color support conditioner works just as well with it. This gives the natural looking platinum cast to highlights as opposed to white or bluish-ash (Heaven Forbid) that some other products give. I love this conditioner and use it about twice a week--the rest of the time I use the Gentle conditioner. Love Bumble and Bumble! Respectfully submitted, colormepink

Review by Alexis: Wow what a great conditioner! I recieved this as an extra in a swap and I love love love it!! The smell is a little off putting and when i first put it on I wished I didnt- I thought it'd be an average cond with a bad strong smell (although my mum says it smells more like really strong herbs, i dont know any other way to describe it but i dont like it) OMG. Left my hair soooo silky soft yet manageable- didnt weigh my hair down like kerastase did either. Ohhhh and the best bit- left my hair full of shine and brightness...after a couple of uses of this my colour is brighter and no more brassiness!!Better than tigi dumb blonde what ive been using before this.

Review by jamelia: I would NEVER buy this again!! I bought the bottle for 5 at a salon who were trying to clear out this product.
It is not moisturizing in the least, and the pump dispenses such a tiny amount of product that you have to pump it about 6 times...annoying.
I find very few conditioners that actually moisturize my hair and this didn't in the slight. For a fantastic and moisturizing colour conditioner I would reccommend Tigi Fashionista..its great!

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