what to look for when buying a fragrance?3 good fragrances reviews

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what to look for when buying a fragrance?Let's see the 3 good fragrances reviews!


Bond No.9 Success is a Job in New York

Review by nina: Yummy gourmand fragrance. Warm and Sexy. It makes me happy when I wear it. Plenty of vanilla and very soft and sensual. Love it!

Review by blacklittlepig: Creamy, creamy sandalwood. This is the smell of money. If a smell had a color, this would be gold. Its smells golden, creamy, opulent rich and self assured. My only complaint is its opacity. On me, its very one note. An opaque, almost heavy smell. Its lovely, but I like my perfumes to evolve as they dry down. This one says the same thing for a long time. I was standing on the train platform smelling this wafting up from my wrist; such a solid smell, it was nearly 3-D. Its not bad, its just not multiple personality disorder enough for me. Lol!
UPDATE**over 8 hours later its still there on my arm where it was sprayed, now giving off notes of rose and plum. Amazing lasting power, and very beautiful.

Review by ckgurl714: This isn't bad nor is it what I anticipated. It is a vanillic powdery patchouli amber. A hotness does come through which I attribute to the interesting pimento note. This is a warm deep wintery scent that although not for me, may actually be one of the better Bond No.9 fragrances. I do not understand the use of kitchen spice notes, like coriander, for example, that Bond uses, but, thankfully, they are top notes in this one that burn off quickly.

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Parfums De Nicolai Balle de Match

Review by Capprii: A unique twist on a citrus fragrance. This starts with a burst of fresh pink grapefruit and lime. Next, I picked up pine, bay and pepper with a dry down of soft musk, bay and incense. This could easily work on men or women. If you like citrus scents this is a must to sample.

Review by Pinki: This is a great walk in the votanical garden of your dreams.For me the most strong citrus smell is not of grapefruit but by lime.Very easily the perfume becomes spicy with a dash of dry pepper.As always Nicolai's perfumes have a great lingering drydown of amber and moss with an extra spicy resin that really melts like second skin.Still i prefer New York over this

Review by Carrie: Finally, a complex, "adult" citrus fragrance! It is redolent not so much of citrus fruits themselves, but of the bitter oils that spray so minutely out of the skins as you peel them. Unlike most citrus fragrances, though, there isn't a touch of sweetness in Balle de Match. For me, it evokes the uber-fresh, astringent scent of soft, spring-green pine needles broken between the fingers. This is a citrus for people who like woodsy notes. The only reason I'm giving it four lipsticks rather than five is that, during the drydown, there is a short stage at which, on my skin at least, the incensey notes disappear and all I smell is grapefruit. Ultimately, though, I have to say that this is the freshest, most sophisticated citrus scent I've ever experienced.

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Victoria's Secret Sugar and Spice

Review by biomechmonster: Great sweet spicy scent - it is really light and not obtrusive or cloying. You could easily layer perfume over this - I pair it with YSL Paris and it works wonderfully. the lotion is a little too light for me, but the spray and shower gel are wonderful!

Review by SisleyAus: I don't know why I looked this scent up on here and why I even bother giving a review since this scent has long been retired, but I guess I just had to say that I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent. This was the best Victoria's Secret garden scent EVER. Why oh why did it have to be limited edition? If it was still out, it would be my HG fragrance.

Review by munchlaxy: This is a HG scent for me!! I actually bought this when I went to the VS semi-annual a few months ago and decided to give it a "sniff" as I was standing in line. I LOVED it (and I have never liked any other VS bath, body stuff). I immediately snatched up 2. That night, after letting DH smell it and (not kidding) spraying it in my car, I could barely sleep I was so nervous that they would sell out of them. The next day I went back, bought 4 more and I'm storing them for later use. ;-)

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