what to look for when buying a fragrance?3 easy to use fragrance

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By Fiora

what to look for when buying a fragrance?Let's see the 3 easy to use fragrance !


Victoria's Secret Satin Rose de Mai

Review by tambien: A lovely rose and honeysuckle blend that rapidly became too sweet on me. (that happens a lot on me). Would be great for some, but if your skin amps up sugary cloy, then skip it.

Review by iberian: Could've been a nice fragrance if the dry down wasn't so sweet. The "fresh" floral scent didn't last more than a couple of minutes once it set on my skin/clothes. It's still a pretty scent (and common, might I add), just not divine or ultra gorgeous.

Review by Capprii: I just purchased this product a week ago. The minute I smelled it I loved it! It's floral and fresh and the very pretty packaging is a plus.

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Molinard un air d' habanita

Review by Carrie: I really love this sent.
It's a verry diferent sent from al the perfumes that are modern at the moment.
The first spray is delicious and it gets better allong the day. The staying power is perfect, if you spray in the morning you can stil smel it in the evening.
It's fresh, a bit powdery but not cloing at al, and a little sweet.
I think it is a close to the skin sent also.
I have had many complements on this one!
I have ordered the normal habanita and hope it smels a little like this :-)

Review by Pinki: this is not at all similar in my opinion, to the straight habanita. the top notes are mandarin, blackcurrant bud and grapefruit. middle notes are flower of osmanthus, jasmin, rose and iris. the base notes are vanilla, vetiver, musk and amber. what at first smells rather pungent, becomes a spicy musky scent with little floral. it's a dark spicy scent with a touch of sweetness. it's not particularly memorable. i'd say that if you have tried the original habanita and love it, you will be sorely disappointed by this.

Review by Olive143: My BF smelled this and said, "It smells like a sweet armpit. Come closer. Ummm, I really like it. Wow! This smells so sexy. Who would've known body odor could be so appealing."
My boyfriend hates all my perfume and I have almost 100 hundred bottles.
I find this light, fruity, and slightly spicy and musky. It has that strange "body odor" note that perfumes like Angel have, but much lighter. I find Angel sickening, but this is lovely.

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Parfums de Coeur Love Struck

Review by cgosyne: This is a dead ringer for Victoria's Secret Love Spell-as in exactly.I have the VS lotion and can tell no difference in the scents.

Review by peachy905: Omg I knew I knew it! This is TOTALLY victorias secret love spell

Review by pinktulip: Love this scent! It's very fruity - total dupe for Love Spell from Victoria's Secret. The packaging is adorable, and the scent lasts a decent amount of time for being a body spray.

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