what to look for when buying a fragrance?3 best fragrances reviews

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By Stella

what to look for when buying a fragrance?Let's see the 3 best fragrances reviews!


Ava Luxe Incense

Review by meeshmu: Pleasantly fresh start (the bergamot/chamomile is not too sharp), end pleasantly sweet ending (to me, anyway--my husband pronounced it "astringent"). Kind of head-shoppy, but in a nice nostalgic way.

Review by Angeline: Wowwweeee... I'm on a winning AL sample lot tonight.
I expected smoke and incense here... what I have is amber and sap and trees. SO NICE - very refreshing... With Film Noir on one wrist, and incense on the other - I don't know which arm to sniff!!! VERY FBW

Review by bebejacket: my favorite incense of them all. smells exactly like a walk high in the san gabriel mountains as the sun is beating down: the strange piney fruitiness of jeffrey pines (that must be the citrus of the incense at first lighting it), the slight woodiness of the incense cedars (which themselves do *not* smell like incense), and the faint scent of fires past (you can smell that when you press you nose to the trunk of a jeffrey pine: slight citrus/pineapple, pine, and memory of smoke.)
in one words: glorious.
and i don't seem to be able to get anough of it (even though it *does* dry down to a clean musk. which i wish it didn't. it's not unpleasant, in fact, it's rather unobtrusive. but i wish it dried down to a vetiver or something more along the lines of smoke. o well. it's still better than any other incense i've smelled. including ava luxe's own fumari and olibanum.)

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Bourjois Soir De Paris (Evening in Paris)

Review by mworley00: One of the reviews of Soir de Paris mentions it's soapy scent then says that's because Soir was the most popular perfume after WWII and soap companies based their product on it. The interesting point of that observation for me is that it takes "soapy" out of the realm of a criticism.
And Soir is soapy. It's also a smoky, dark carnation, with a lovely apple/rose undernote and muguet giving it lift. it's very floral, classic, old fashioned, and i think, very beautiful. It's soft, with delicate sillage, and I find myself sniffing my wrist alot. Initially I'd thought this was out as a work scent, but because it's so delicate, and it's sillage is so restrained, I'm not so sure. It is a heady floral -- usually a terrible work choice -- but in such a warm, classic way.

Review by OutofControl: Ahh in a world where super-soapy fragrances have become their own genre this nostalgic powdery aldehyde seems totally fresh. I actually really like this scent. I've never smelled the original, but the reformulation is so weirdly familiar and old fashioned that I can't help but smile when I catch a whiff of it on my arm.
The opening is where I get the heady onslaught of floral aldehydes, which is a bit too much for me. Then it becomes sweeter, then powdery soft. The gentle, waxy, soapy, dry down is where it's all at for me. I can't seem to get the drama that seems associated with this fragrance, to me it's all happy soapy bubbles... and that's just fine!

Review by lmharte: I have the updated version of Soir de Paris, and found it to be a lot
like the current Chanel #5 - aldehydic floral over contemporary woods.
Starts more floral, gradually that wears off and the base becomes stronger. If you like
Chanel #5, you might very well
like Soir de Paris.

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A Zaftig Woman Blackberry Musk Body Spray

Review by drusilladru: This was my first ever etailer experience and i must say that i am impressed. i have falling in love , and love it, and this smells identical, but witha much cheaper price tag. luckily, i got this during the 1/2 off perfume sale, but even if wasn't on sale, i would purchase it again. My only complaint is the Stong alcohol scent initially(and i mean strong!!) but after it dries, i am left with a nice, lovely scent. I am looking forward to trying her other scents as well!

Review by pink_cosmos: I first bought this scent in the roll-on form and I loved the scent, so I figured I would give the body spray a try. I absolutely love it!! The staying power is fairly decent, but for a body spray and the cheap price (I got this during a half off sale), I wasn't expecting the scent to linger for hours. I use this to spritz in my hair and my clothing, while I use the EDP roll on at my pulse points. This is one of those scents that seems to appeal to everyone, and for me it isn't annoyingly fruity and though I normally can't stand musky scents, the musk isn't overpowering at all. I will definitely repurchase in the future!

Review by Lola_Bear: I have to echo the previous comments. I first bought the EDP roll on and the shea butter souffle. This fragrance is my favorite of the AZW ones and I was surprised that the body spray by itself has incredible staying power. I used up one of the EDP roll-ons and refilled it with the body spray for a lighter roll-on rather than carrying the big spray in my handbag.

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