what to look for when buying a fragrance?3 best fragrance reviews

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By Fiora

what to look for when buying a fragrance?Let's see the 3 best fragrance reviews!



Review by GreeneyedGal: This reminds me so much of the original "Lauren" in the brown square bottle back when I was in college--so maybe this is why I seem to enjoy it. It's clean, slightly floral and bright. It would be a great weekend day or office fragrance, but a little too simple for evening wear.

Review by aml1: I love this fragrance. It is light and flirty and perfect for me to wear to work on a daily basis. I love the bottle and packaging it is gorgeous.

Review by YolandaMC: i got this perfume in the clearance tester section at my local perfume connection for 5 odllars and it was about half full. it smells very fresh but i kind of pick up a honey undertone to it. i prefer some of my other perfumes but this is a lovely scent for spring.

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Victoria's Secret Pink Fruity & Bright

Review by pinktulip: I love this fragrance. It smells very similar to Trish McAvoy's #9 (Blackberry and Vanilla Musk). It's my go-to going out scent, but isn't overpowering since it's more like a body splash.

Review by stephanie32082: Mmmmmm..... This smells sooo good! It smells exactly like the title, fruity and bright. This fragrance is perfect for summer because its just sooo good! Plus, Pink always has 2 for 20 so I always take advantage to buy 2.

Review by kat_25: I have four of these scents and this one is my second favorite, to Sweet and Flirty now. This one has notes of Blackberry and Vanilla according to the packaging and I can definately detect both. You get a lot of product for the price. Would repurchase, but because of this, I don't think I will have to!

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DHC Fragrance 001

Review by quantumkitten: I laid in a supply of this one. This is my 'every day' scent... my only complaint is that it doesn't last very long. It's fresh, clean, and complex enough to get that boost you get when wearing a fragrance... but it's also low key enough to let you mingle with others (who might be wearing more powerful scents) harmlessly. When I want to dominate psychologically, I wear something stronger (Aromatics Elixir smells good on me and works well when I'm in charge)... when I want to be the ultimate team player, this is the perfect scent.

Review by CancerianPrincess: Very nice if you like subtle scents that are on the sweet side. Fragrance 1 is the lightest perfume DHC offers....#2-6 either have warmer undertones, or very bright citrus notes. I can definitely smell the lychee in this - I like how this smells pleasing from the first spritz, all the way to the dry down....it reminds me a little of Banana Republic's frangrances for women - light and not cloying but this one's a tad sweeter. I like how DHC perfumes come in cute travel sizes in addition to the larger bottles. Even though you have to buy the cases separately, it's still a nice purchase....and if you don't end up liking the scent(s) it won't break your budget.

Review by suze9_8: This is such a wonderful perfume, perfect for everyday wear. It is perfectly balanced with citrus-tangerine note, lychee (sweet) floral-jasmine and lily of the valley ,sandalwood, and musk. The sandalwood and musk gives it a warm, clean, soap-smelling base. This is what I imagined Clean (Sweet Layer) to smell like, but Clean has more of a detergent smell. Creamy, warm, light and lovely. The fragrance lasts all day too, unbelievable for 4.00.

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