what to look for when buying a foundation makeup?3 recommended foundation makeup

By Elena

what to look for when buying a foundation makeup?Let's see the 3 recommended foundation makeup !


Neutrogena Healthy Defense Sheer Makeup SPF 30

Review by kimberpoo: This was my first foundation ever. I loved how the colour matched my skin perfectly and blended so nicely. The coverage was good too. Unfortunately, something about Neutrogena makes my skin react horribly. I can't use any of their face washes either. So I love this foundation(I have pretty normal but slightly oily and sensitive pimple-prone skin) but won't repurchase.

Review by kitkat85: I've tried the tinted moisturizers by Laura Mercier (too drying), Bobbi Brown (too yellow), Paula Dorf (too thin), and more, and I keep coming back to this makeup. It provides good coverage, has the highest SPF, and doesn't break me out (the others all did). A staple summer product for me!

Review by lmharte: There are so many better TM/ foundations out there and this was just a waste of money. I used it on/off last summer but never could like it. It was a bit orange and the coverage was average at best. Donated it to my garbage after a month.

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Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer SX-05

Review by Caligirl42990: This is my HG concealer. I don't even need foundation. I just put this on the spots that I need: undereye, around the lips, under the nose--that's all I need. I've never encountered a product like this formula. It is so pigmented and creamy. It does, however, show a bit of creasing under the eye that I just blot away with my finger.

Review by OutofControl: I like this foundation.I'm having trouble with it though.I'm applying it in the morning and then setting it with a good quality powder.Why is it then that later in the day if i try to do a touch up (with the sensual enhancer) it settles into my pores or seperates?Could it be that I've set it with the powder and then tried to touch up with the sensual enhancer over the top????Frustarated!Any advice?

Review by joheinous: I just cannot make myself like this product, and I've been trying for over 3 months. I find that while it's much too thick on its own (even as concealer, it's completely dry and unblendable), any blending I've tried with various moisturizers just makes it too sheer, plus it's a hassle to do. So when it does has enough coverage, it's unblendable. I just did not like the feel of it, or working with it. Not for me.

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Unlisted Brand Faerie Organic Mineral Makeup

Review by Angeline: This is only based on my sink type........
I tried the Faerie Organic Foundation Samples I ordered. My skin got a really tight felling as soon as I applied the foundation to my face. My checks started burning really bad. I had to immediately wash off the foundation. I will stick to my non organic Bear Minerals. :( Sad. I was really hoping the whole Organic thing would work out for me....:(

Review by suze9_8: This foundation is great, despite the ingredients not being accurately listed on the website. They were mostly the same, except the website did not mention ultramarines, which some people try to avoid.
The foundation covers well, looks natural, stays on, and is even waterproof when it combines with facial oil or is applied on top of waterproof sunscreen. It calms my acne-prone skin down, instead of exacerbating the problem. It does need to be washed off with soap, but then, I wouldn't sleep in any makeup.

Review by mz654: I too have to say that I love this mineral makeup. I have used alot and this is one of the best ones I have tried. No irritating ingredients and no breakouts, plus has good, natural coverage. I will keep buying this.

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