what to look for when buying a face treatment?3 best-selling face treatment reviews

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By Helen

what to look for when buying a face treatment?Let's see the 3 best-selling face treatment reviews!


Aphogee Treatment

Review by cosmokid: This is the worst product ever!!! After reading all the raves on the boards I decided to give it a try. I've done some recent coloring and my hair was showing some damage. I followed all of the directions and advice and all this did was damage my hair even more!!! It stunk so bad (which I was expecting) and was nearly impossible to get out of my hair. All of that I could have dealt with if only it had worked. My hair looks worse than before I used this!!! Definitely will not buy or use again!

Review by nemomemo: the smell is rancid, like almost rotten eggs mixed with chemicals or something i dunno but it was bad even for me, and i can tolerate bad smelling products lol! it is really messy so wear something over your clothing, or just wear an old t'shirt. but the results of this is outstanding, enough to give it the 5 lippies. always use the aphogee moisturizing treatment or at least get a good deep moisturizing treatment immediately after, or you will be sorry, i learned my lesson the first time, my hair started breaking in the front but quickly diminished when i applied a good moisture treatment. i use every 4- 6 weeks and my hair is healthier.

Review by amystar: This product has been a hair life - saver for me!! I have a great deal of information on use and sizes etc in my notepad if you are looking for help of usage. I have used this product maybe ten times. I have fine hair but alot of it. My damage has primarily been due to years and years of hair dying. Then once upon a time I decided to bleach and dye with 40 and my hair melted. Aphogee saved the hair that was left!!! It has also allowed me to continue dying my hair to get closer to the color I wanted when a crew of stylists told me not to dye my hair for at least a year. I currently use Aphogee every 6-8 weeks and use lighter protein treatments in between. I highly recommend this product only if you hair is extremely damaged. biggest con: smell!! But for the results, it is well worth and I have done this treatment so many times that it really doesnt bother me!

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Obagi Professional-C Serum 20

Review by joheinous: Received this in a swap. Was interested in Vit C for firming. This is a lovely lightly moisturizing serum whose first ingredient is glycolic acid, followed by ascorbic acid. So it's not a pure Vit C product. I think the glycolic helps the C to penetrate. It leaves my skin glowing, firm and moisturized, just enough for dry skin in humid Dallas. At the end of the day my skin doesn't look so great. Will repost after several weeks. Update: This has made a big difference in the firmness of my slightly sagging skin around my mouth and jaw. I'm 47 and nothing else seems to work in minutes like this does, as well as more permanent results over several weeks. I also have been using Renova in this area, and the glycolic in the Obagi keeps it flake-free and exfoliated. Impressive! I can't put in on my cheeks, though, because it aggravates my rosacea.

Review by cyndiinphilly: I have the 15% as well. I've been using it for almost 2 months now and I love it. I've always been on the lookout for a product to help lighten or get rid of discoloration (especially acne scars which are so stubborn). I got this on Amazon for a bit cheaper than the normal price, but it is still expensive. That's ok though because its worth it!
Now on to the point of the rewciew:
This is the only product that has successfully helped my acne scars. They are considerably lighter and many are totally gone. I use this at night after my toner and before moisturizer. My skin seems brighter as well. I've tried everything including Clinique's Even Better which did nothing for my skin. The only thing I don't like is the dropper.

Review by kjjamm808: I've been using this product for over three weeks now and am satisfied with the progress my skin is showing. My freckles and minor skin discolorations are getting less noticeable and my skin looks overall healthier and brighter.

The serum's texture and smell are very pleasant, but even if they weren't I would continue using it for the results it delivers.

This is the only Obagi product I added to my minimalist skincare routine. I use it between the cleanser and sunscreen in the morning and after the cleanser in the afternoon, occasionally followed by a moisturizing cream.
I will definitely repurchase this product if I see more long-term results. The 100 or so price tag makes it look less than affordable, but it should last well over a couple of months. 5 drops per application go a long way, so I'm getting enough value for my money to justify the cost.

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Unlisted Brand Proclaim Argan Oil Hair Oil Treatment

Review by shopgirl087: Great dupe for Moroccan Oil! It smells good, very similar to Moroccan Oil .. the scent is most like Bath and Body Works "Forever Sunshine." Made my hair very soft and shiny. Will repurchase .. only 6.99!

Review by abrilio: Great product, I recommend to anyone that will listen!

Review by sjcsmall: Just got a sampler size of this at my local Sally's, I asked if there was a smaller size than the normal bottle, and the clerk went to the back and gave me a little .5 oz for 1.99 (I had seen them on display before...I'm wondering why they were in storage now?) So, I applied after washing my hair (w/ Garnier Colorshield shampoo -btw, I'm wondering if I use conditioner before, will this not soak in properly?) Well, my loose curl/waves quickly soaked up the oil, but now that it's half dry, the ends look like they could use a bit more. Maybe a dime sized amount was not enough for me?
+: Looks like it+ gave my hair a healthy sheen.
+:This oil wasn't like a typical hot oil treatment "oil slick"
+: Feels silky, fuller, "commercial-worthy" sheen
Want to keep using, but I know I'll still need to deep condition. OK, It's a keeper! Off to buy a full size bottle!

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