what to look for when buying a face skin care?3 top face skin care

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what to look for when buying a face skin care?Let's see the 3 top face skin care !


Arcona The Basic Five

Review by pulidobl: I like what the company is all about but I would recommend spot testing before using the whole line on your face. I ordered the "dry skin" basic five travel kit to try it out and ended up having an allergic reaction to the kiwi soap and the lactic acid in the gentle solution. I ended up giving it to my sister and she loves it.

Review by lorrainer07: I completely agree with the previous reviewer, the basic five really works. The products are gentle and effective. Plus, they're good for nature too! No chemicals whatsoever. I'm 26 and I've had good skin generally (even with the occasional pimple), but with the 5 my skin is now glowing, and I mean, glowing! I don't wear makeup anymore, rarely even blush, as my cheeks have become naturally pink. I feel so confident, it's amazing. Even the price is worth it. Really highly recommended! I could never go back to regular skincare after Arcona. Never!

Review by kitten75: I hate to admit it but I check into this line because I read Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson use it (well they both have great skin!) I was reluctant to shell out the 182 for the full size set so I opted for the smaller travel version. I had my doubts (I have acne and have tried absolutely everything under the sun...ProActive, Murad, Perricone, RetinA the list goes on). Well let me tell you this stuff is fabulous. The travel size pack has lasted 2 and a half months and Id say I have about 3 weeks worth left. It cleared my acne up in about a two weeks. Even during my cycle when its usually terrible I was acne free. Im gonna get the full size Basic 5 when this gets a little lower, and I want to test out the Night Breeze for my old acne scars.

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Ettusais Medicated Whitening UV protector

Review by vengland: This is a makeup base with SPF 24+++. I could possibly say its the almost perfect sunscreen for face. It isn't oily at all and the texture is rather light for my oily skin. I find that it is also comfortable under my powder foundation. The only gripe I have is that it isn't colourless and if I apply too much there will be a slight whitish tint on my face but I guess that is the case for any sun screen.

Review by JettNY: great sun block that brightens up my face and is not oily. love this pdt!

Review by dastac: It wasn't as good as I expect.... and it is a little bit too greasy for me...

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Mary Kay Revitalizing Mask Formula 2

Review by biomechmonster: I am using this product for the first time right now. I like it very wel!!! It is not very smelly like some face masks are so i really like thiss! It is a wierd texture but i really like this!

Review by redheadjane: This is the only mask/scrub product that works really well with my skin. It always unclogs my pores, removes excess oil, leaves my face soft and clean, and never irritates the skin or causes breakouts. Love it!

Review by i_darling: Wow, after years of absence, I just used this product again, and I remembered how much I like it! : ) I don't know why I ever quit using it. This is a super-versatile product. I thought the grains would be too harsh to use as a scrub, but they really weren't at all, and I have pretty sensitive skin. So, I used it lightly as a scrub, then left it on for awhile as a mask. What a neat product! My skin is baby soft and super-clean. This is a long-forgotten, but now renewed, staple!

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