what to look for when buying a face moisturizer?3 recommended face moisturizer reviews

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By Elena

what to look for when buying a face moisturizer?Let's see the 3 recommended face moisturizer reviews!


Evian Evian Oxygenating Moisturizer

Review by Cygentte3: I bought this a while ago and didn't use it for a long time while still using more expensive moisturizers (i purchased it in britain and although i don't recall the exact price i'm pretty sure it was less than 30 over here) but then i did because the other ones did not help with my combination skin, which was shiny and flaky all the time.
a few weeks after switching to it i noticed a radical change in my skin, it's a lot less oily, and since it's well moisturized any dry patches disappeared along with the flakiness. my skin is now smooth, has fewer breakouts and the size of my pores is diminishing. i'd say this is a brilliant moisturizer for combination skin and i'll continue using it. i wish they made it with spf15 though because i'm a bit afraid to try their other spf15 moisturizer which might make my skin oilier again. but we'll see.

Review by francesca39: I just bought this at SDM today for a whopping 99 cents in a discount bin!!!! Normally I wouldn't look twice at Evian products because they just don't stand out to me. I tried this one after washing my face before bed and I was amazed at how thick it was and how smoothly it went on. It reminds me of the consistency of an expensive night cream more so than a normal everyday cream, but it doesn't take long until it sinks into the skin and leaves none of the typical residue of a night cream. It's not shiny or greasy at all and would layer perfectly under makeup. I'm definately going back to stock up on more of this before it's gone for good. I can't believe it's discontinued because I'd actually pay full price for this stuff! Just in case you're wondering the scent is a very light botanical fragrance. Check out your local SDM to see if they have any in the discount bin. Good stuff!!!

Review by cyndiinphilly: I love this product... usually i break out very easily when i switch moisturizers.. i tried using philosophy's hope in a jar but it was far from being hope in a jar! anyways, this product smells amazing, moisturizes really well... got it as a gift and now buy it religiously! 5 lippies for the oxygenating moisturizer!

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Soap and Glory Night in Shining Armour

Review by abrilio: Really liking this a lot. With most night creams my face looks parched by morning and sometimes I have to resort to using vaseline-type products on top but this one really keeps the skin moisturised and no pore blocking to report. A winner.

Review by dlbd2k06: I've become a Soap and Glory addict, and my skin looks better than it has in ages because of it. I tend towards hormonal breakouts and far too many moisturizers give me the dread little white bumps. But this, along with the Catch a Wrinkle in Time day cream and Fab Pore cleanser, has made a real difference in the appearance of my skin: brighter, plumper, more even, and pores aren't so glaring. It adds moisture without being greasy; I am careful to apply it sparingly, though. Works better than the many more expensive night creams I have tried, and 3 for 2 deals at Boots make it quite reasonably priced.
My only problem is that I hate the colour pink, and now my bathroom is littered with it in the form of Soap and Glory products. Oh well, I will have to suffer :)

Review by mulhollanddrive: Oh soap and glory, how I miss you.

I love this stuff. From the retro glass jar to the retro smell and the texture of the product itself I love it.

Of course, I can't find it anymore and I only have the one. Sigh.

It's very heavy, reminds me of vanishing cream from the 60's or something. It does feel sticky as a mofo so let it dry before you try to go to sleep or you will stick to your pillow. At first this made me think I hated it but then I realized I just need to sit up and read (ok, watch reruns of Oz) until it dries.

Because I am hoarding one tiny jar I'm only using it during cold weather months when my skin tends towards dry.

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H20 Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment

Review by isabellet: This is a fantastic product! I was actually shocked after I tried it for the frist time how a gel could mousturize my combo dry skin.
I live in Denver which is high altitidue and very dry so I always have problems getting the right balance on my skin. This product has helped to heal the dryness and balance some of the red on my face. It does need a bit of umph (add in a serum or use a bit more product) in the winter months but I still love it!

Review by omegakitty: I have oily/acne prone skin with dry cheeks, and this is the best!
Whenever I need a smooth makeup application I put this on for 10min, wash it off and I have instantly smooth hydrated skin.
Best of all, it doesn't break me out! but it does cause some blackheads on my nose if I leave it on overnight :o

Review by cloud0204: holy shit! this stuff is the best! no seriously, this is the only moisturizer that actually works on my seriously dehydrated skin. it's very moisturizing, has a lightweight gel texture, smells nice, and absorbs fairly good. i'm so glad i decided to buy it coz it is definitely better than any moisturizer i've used before. i love it. will not be hesitant to buy it again.

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