what to look for when buying a face cleanser?3 top face cleanser reviews

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By Vicky

what to look for when buying a face cleanser?Let's see the 3 top face cleanser reviews!


Pevonia Botanica RS2 Gentle Cleanser

Review by dlbd2k06: After years of using Cetaphil, I decided to give this a try. I received it in swap, knowing that it is expensive. I like it a lot. It removed my makeup just fine (I use powder foundation with a light hand, so maybe that's why). I don't use a washcloth to take it off, just rinse it off with my hands and I am satisfied with the result. I like the fragrance a lot. for now, I am alternating with my Cetaphil to use up my Cetaphil. I swapped for another bottle of this and if I can't swap for it, I may break down and buy it.

Review by fuxxy: I've been using it for nearly a week and it has calmed and soothed my acne. I bought this due to reading a review on another forum, but cos I dont have rosacea, I was a bit unsure. But I needed a mild, gentle cleanser to soothe my acne so gave it a try cos its not that expensive.
So far I really like it, calms my acne and has a lovely fragrance of roses, but not too empowering. I dont wear eye makeup but I use this around my eyes with no probs.
I will repurchase as I cant see any fault to the cleanser, except when I fiddled with the pump/dispenser, it came off really easily, but its no biggie

Review by clnfox: this has saved my skin, after my diagnosis of rosacea and the horror show of false promise products i found my HG. after becoming a devoted pevonia user for 2 years I haved waved goodbye to rosacea. along with 3x's yearly pevonia spa treatments and use of the complete rs2 line my skin glows. fairly expensive commitment but it has given me flawless skin.

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Garden of Wisdom Jen's Green Tea/Shea Cleanser

Review by srobinb: Its a great cleanser if you have oily skin. For normal or dry, I would recommend the mild version of it. Nothing fancy, it just a nice cleanser with no harsh ingredients or perfumes. I do prefer lemograss and castor/castille cleansers over it though.

Review by munchlaxy: I have been using this product for about a year now. This is a great natural cleanser and does not cause me to break out. My face was baby smooth the first time using it. This cleanser removes all makeup and does not make my skin dry afterward. I would recommend this product among with other GoW products. I have switched to natural skincare ever since I discovered GoW. The company makes good quality products and their customer service is top notch.

Review by drusilladru: Nice cleanser. Did not break me out, which makes it worth using, and did not make my face feel tight or dry. I give GoW five stars for customer service... Jen will go out of her way to answer emails, questions, offer suggestions...

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Pro Activ Makeup Removing Cloths

Review by edie4711: This really cleans off makeup very well. It isn't a big piece, but it is so effective that you don't need to wipe repeatedly. However, i find that the texture of the cloth/tissue is really rough. you have to be very gentle when rubbing the makeup off, or else it almost hurts. took off a lippie for that.

Review by betsyab: I always buy two to three packages of these every 2 months or so. They offer the best makeup removal. They are so gentle. I love M.A.C. as a brand, but these Pro Activ put those wipes to shame! They are extremely gentle, and are great for those days that you don't feel like washing your face. I will continue to buy these for life!

Review by Carrie: Best makeup removing cloths I've ever tried! They're alcohol-free and have lavender and allantoin to soothe skin and they smell amazingg! And they're great for taking off eye makeup and mascara without the irritation (althought waterproof mascara requires a bit more effort). These takes off every trace of makeup and are perfect for those many nights when you don't want to wash your face (if you don't take off your makeup, you'll suffer the consequences the next morning lol). I've tried a lot of stuff from the drugstore (Pond's, Neutrogena, Olay, etc. but they tend to irritate and make my skin and make my face feel stingy and red. I've had no problems with irritation or breakouts using these. They are pricey though, about 23 CAD for 45 towelettes but they are rather large so I usually cut em in half so they'll last twice as long. Give em a try!

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