what to look for when buying a face cleanser?3 popular face cleanser

By Vicky

what to look for when buying a face cleanser?Let's see the 3 popular face cleanser !


Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 cleanser N/D

Review by askewchick: I have tried loads and loads of cleansers from all sorts of companies. I settled with this one for a while, and so far so good. I really like it and my acne has never cleared up so fast. I have extremely red and dry skin, and this helped my skin tremendously. Not only does my skin feel moisturized after i wash it, but it feels calmed and less inflamed. I recommend this to anyone who has extremely dry, red, sensitive skin, and on top of all that suffers from acne.
edit: clogs pores

Review by miss_mac: This is one of the best cleansers I have ever used. It takes off my makeup with no problem and leaves no trace on my cotton balls which I use for toner. This is supposed to be a cleanser, exfoliator, and toners all in one, but I could never imagine not using a toner after cleansing. The very gentle, maybe too gentle cleansing beads are not super effective exfoliators, but the creamy consistency always leaves my face feeling soft and smooth. I have not noticed any residue with this whatsoever. It is probably the best cream cleanser rinser that I have ever used. Great stuff!

Review by Angeline: This is my HG cleanser. I have normal, acne prone, sensitive skin. My skin dries out if you look at it the wrong way, so I have to be very careful with the cleansers I use. My mom became a MK rep 8 or 9 years ago and gave me a tube as a gift; I was instantly hooked. Moisturizing enough to keep my skin from cracking in winter, but light enough in summer to not cause an oil slick. I'm going to have to find a new HG cleanser, since I'm not a fan of MK anymore and my "dealer" is no longer in business.
Also not a fan of the price.

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Physician's Choice pHaze 13 Pigment Bar

Review by lmharte: I purchase this bar with the hopes of fading some post-inflammatory marks I get when some hormonal acne arises. The reason why I take down a star was that sometimes this product makes me itch but it usually passes. I only use this once a day so I am pretty sure that I can stretch it for about six months or more before repurchasing.

Review by nechama22: This pigment bar has changed my skin. As an African-American, I am prone to hyperpigmentation. Every blemish leaves behind a dark mark. Since using this bar, my skin looks so clear and glowing. My hyperpigmentation is fast fading, blemishes that pop up only last for about half the normal time they used to. They also no longer leave behind dark discolorations on my face. I have used this on my bikini line as well with great results. When I use on my face , it feels so clean and refreshed. I will repurchase for the rest of my life!!!

Review by runtagua: Comes in a jar and if you use a glycolic cleanser before this and leave the soap film on it does kind of burn but it gets better penetration and you see faster results. I also feel this sinks into pores and degunks them. This stuff lasts a super long time-as a matter of fact I think this is going to last years - you are only using soap suds. Would repurchase-when it finishes which wont be for years.

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Yes To Carrots C is for Clean Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Review by shimmering: To begin with, I loved this product.
It seemed to clean my skin well enough, didn't leave it super dry (pretty much everything dries my skin out a bit), had light exfoliation and the smell wasn't too offensive either.
Unfortunately after 2 or so weeks, my skin started to develop an itchy red rash around my jaw line. It has made my cheeks and nose very very red too.
I think its possible that I'm allergic to Imidazolidinyl Urea..
Really upset that it didn't work out for me =[

Review by shopgirl087: Love this facial cleanser. I only use it once a day, usually in the shower, and always rinse my face with a wet soft washcloth after, just to make sure all is off.. Leaves my skin nice and soft. Breakouts are diminishing and my skin looks healthy and young again. The exfoliating beads are nice and soft and not harsh like other ones out there.. def will buy again.

Review by ciarar: I tried this based on the reviews here. I used it for three days and was really liking it. It smelt nice and felt good to use, like a thick, slightly rough paste not like a tough scourer. I thought it might help with clearing my problematic blocked pores. After these three days a blocked pore I had had for a while became red and inflamed and two other big bumps appeared from out of nowhere, one infected. I stopped using this product immediately and hey presto, no more big bad breakouts. Hmmm! It says its choc full of all good things too. What a shame.

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