what to look for when buying a face cleanser?3 best-selling face cleansers

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a face cleanser?Let's see the 3 best-selling face cleansers !


La Roche Posay Effaclar H Cleansing Mousse

Review by ahappyplace: I've used this a few times over the past month and I like it mainly because it's a mousse so I don't have to rub my skin too much. It cleans nicely and gives me a fresh feeling on my face. And it hasn't broken me out yet. So far so good!

Review by quantumkitten: I love love love this cleanser. Its texture is so nice, foams up really well and not drying at all.
I put no for buying this product again cause its way toooo expensive for a cleanser (22). There are other cleanser with the same consistency with this one and cost a lot cheaper IMO.

Review by taurusgurl5984: I'm into my third bottle of this product. I LOVE it and I will use no other cleanser for my dehydrated/acneic skin. This cleanser has a nice foam texture and does not aggravate my acne or dry out my skin further like most cleansers for oily skin do. My dermatologist recommended this cleanser to me and my skin has never looked better ever since I made the switch to La Roche Posay products.

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Neal's Yard Palmarosa Face Wash

Review by Pinki: I had been using neals frankinscence serum and hydrating cream which were excellent on my normal/combination skin and hence thought to use the frankinscene facial wash too. But i was totally disappointed with the wash as i got breakouts badly and made my face really bad. I really didnt like it and had a very bad experience. I would never buy this product again. But it may do good for very dry skin but just get samples before going for the whole bottle.Its not worth for its price .....

Review by mriaow: I bought this thinking it would be a good product to keep my face clear in the winter without causing the dry patches I get from salicylic acid based cleansers. True, it isn't as harsh, but I still get some dry spots. Breakouts have been minimal. I think I could get the same results from a less expensive product. EDIT: I took a break from this and determined that it isn't causing the dry spots. So I added a lippy to my overall rating. I'm still undecided about repurchasing, but I do have to say the bottle is lasting a long time, especially since I took another reviewer's advice to modify how much I'm using based on my skin's needs. I've just received the new NYR catalog...and this is now 22 US, plus shipping. So it would be about 28, plus tax. It's good but not that good.

Review by blueaygi: Really happy with this cleanser, it definitely lives up to the reviews posted here. I'm 30, with fairly oily skin and had been getting a lot of big spots around my chin area - this seems to have sorted the problem. I love the smell and though the glass bottle is a bit of a pain, it's probably the prettiest packaging out of all the cleanswers I've owned! The best thing about this cleanser is that you only need a tiny amount, and it's great for removing make up - even stubborn eye makeup! So nice to have finally found the perfect cleanswer - I'm sticking with it! This is great for oily skin but probably too drying for someone with dry skin.

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Kiss My Face Clean for a Day Creamy Face Cleanser

Review by amystar: Love it! Smells great, gentle on skin, all natural. Much better than the more expensive brands like Dr Brandt. Removes makeup very well and leaves my combo skin very soft.

Review by mielr: This cleanser is a really great mild cleanser for people with sensitive skin. Unfortunately, after using up almost the whole bottle, it started making me break out with bad cystic acne. I took further investigation of the ingredients and found there to be cocoa butter in it which is highly comedogenic. I was sorry to give up this creamy, tangerine sorbet-smelling cleanser.

Review by JettNY: My skin goes through times when it gets really dried out, and this stuff sure as heck does the trick. It really smells fantastic, too. Very gentle on the skin and moistureizing.

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