what to look for when buying a face cleanser?3 best-selling face cleanser reviews

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what to look for when buying a face cleanser?Let's see the 3 best-selling face cleanser reviews!


Neutrogena Liquid Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Formula

Review by pinktulip: I just bought this again for the 10th time and realized I should probably review it. I have really oily, acne prone skin and am currently using Retin-A cream. I love this cleanser! I use Revlon Colorstay foundation and it always removes all of my makeup. It does not dry out my skin and is a very basic cleanser that my skin likes. It is a good price (around 6.00 in Walmart) and is readily available. I just wish the pump locked because it is difficult to travel with unless I decant it into another bottle. I don't get cleanser in my eyes so I cannot say if it stings or not, but I assume it would. (I never understand how so many people have problems with cleanser in their eyes anyway - use an eye makeup remover!) Two thumbs up from me!

Review by bastet: very nice face wash, non-irritating, decent price, little to no smell, removes make up very well, leaves my face feeling fresh and super clean!!

Review by suze9_8: So far I really like this cleanser! It is the only cleanser I've ever tried that DIDN'T leave my face looking really oily and shiny after I used it. I'll update after I've used it a while longer, but I really like it! The only thing that I did not really like is that the smell is really odd....
UPDATE : Okay so i'm starting to notice that I'm breaking out everywhere! I don't usually break out like maybe a pimple a couple times a year, so this is not normal and my face cleanser is the only thing i've changed, sooooo.... i'm going to stop using it immediately and use a different cleanser and see if the little bumps that are appearing everywhere will go away ( I HOPE SO!!! )

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Olay Gentle Cleansers Refreshing Face Wash

Review by peachy905: The cleanser feels ok when I put it on, but after 10-15 minutes after rising, my skin feels really tight!I used it for less than a week, but my combi/oily skin went dry, rough and irritated?..and I bought the one for dry/combi/normal skin, not the one for oily skin.Also , it is full of parabens and sodium laureth sulphate. Wont buy any olay again!

Review by betsyab: I'm really happy with this face wash. I've been using it for two weeks and I feel like it really cleans the skin well and leaves it feeling refreshed. It comes out as a clear gel/liquid and foams up just a little when you mix it with water. It really feels like it removes all the dirt from my face. It has a really nice smell that is hard to describe but it's definitely not a smell of soap (which I hate). I like to try out other things so usually I don't buy the same thing twice but I just might purchase this again if it continues to perform so well.

Review by SisleyAus: Its my 3rd already, i love it, it cleanses well, doesnt burn my eyes, and skin feels well.

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La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel

Review by shelby1123: After having repurchased four times, I will add my review to the chorus of others singing the praises of this product. My skin is the most difficult type to deal with - acne prone skin which is very sensitive. To make matters worst, I am a make up junkie and finding skin care products which work but do not irritate my skin is a challenge. This product removes make up, does not irritate my skin and it is just a great overall cleanser. I have tried 3 products from the Physiological line and found them all to be good. There is a lot written about this line on (The Smell of Vanity Blog) for those wanting more information.
Will keep buying this as long as they keep making it.

Review by liselise1: I've been using this cleanser for about 1 1/2 years now. It doesn't irritate my increasingly sensitive and drying skin (I'm 36, and I noticed a real change in my skin about 2 years ago. Oh, getting older!). The Physiological Cleanser does not dry my skin, it removes make-up very well (except for the most stubborn waterproof mascaras), and feels refreshing.

Review by vengland: I have been using this cleanser for more than 2 years and I absolutely love it. It leaves my skin soft and glowy!! 1 bottle lasts about 5 - 6 months, I use only 1 pump at a time.

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