what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow reviews

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By Marcella

what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow reviews!


Cargo Duo ~ Kentucky

Review by ahappyplace: I had such high hopes for Kentucky after reading all the rave reviews here and seeing it in the shops. The green moss colours looks boring and plain on me and the white / pink colour actually makes my eye lids look older than they are. Just not a very good e/s duo for me. I'm giving it an extra lippie cause I think the quality is good and Cargo products are generally underrated on this site.

Review by fuxxy: This is the first Cargo eyeshadow that I tried. I was impressed with the eyeshadow, it's very smooth and highly pigmented. It seems to have very good staying power. The colors are shimmery, but not overly glittery and the 2 colors are a good combination. The green is nice against my brown eyes. The tin it comes in is very cute, but can be difficult to pry open sometimes. Also, the pans of eyeshadow "pop" out of my tin a bit. I'm looking forward to trying other colors!

Review by shimmering: The light green in this is exactly like MAC Vex, but the texture of these shadows are superior to MAC. I love the way these colors make my eyes look so blue.

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MAC Electric Eel

Review by ooliedonna: i do not like this one at all..
It is not blendable,and when i put it on...it looks more green than bright blue!!.. it totally stained my lid, after i tried taking it off with eye makeup remover YUCK!!

Review by blyss: this was one of my first mac eyeshadows. because it was the first that caught my eye. bu when i found out about clarity and saw it was more pigmented i got abit upset but then swatched them both together and realise thereisnt much difference anyway. its realy buildable so its not TOO intense and i find its easy to soften.

Review by DawnD: This is a very bright and crazy color.
I would recommend it to people who like to experiment with their looks, and who know something about make up artistry.
This is not an eye shadow for somebody who prefers subtle and neutral looks.
So, be careful...
I adore its color and texture, and I would repurchase if I would stay out of it...

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Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Bone 16

Review by bunnyrabbit: This is such a gorgeous eye shadow. It's a wonderful neutral that I love to wear under the brow. It works with an infinite number of crease and liner shades. Currently, I am obsessed with wearing it with the Nude eye shadow for a natural yet interesting eye look. The shimmer is very fine, so it is incredibly wearable for day time, in addition to dressing up an evening look. Love it!! In order to get around the screw-top package, I put this in my 3-pan palette with a couple other shades.

Review by oopsygirl: Like all, I have fallen for this e/s. I never knew anything about the base e/s that you should apply before your main colours ( i am still learning you see). I have seen on various blog about this item and i finally managed to saw a palette of BBe/s that i love - Basic eye palette!!! Love it. I love the sheer shade this e/s gave, great as base colour or bone highlight. I have used this with stone shimmer and nude e/s with mongohy e/s as eyeliner ( yep, thats the palette). really lovely~~~~ will buy again when i get to the pan kkee..

Review by CancerianPrincess: i bought this as a highlighter color and for those few days when i don't want any color on my lids. what i did not realize was that after buying this, i would use this everyday in new and different ways and it would revolutionize my new subtle eye look. if i put this on my whole lid, i can then use any color (and yes, i mean ANY color) in the crease or as a smokey liner. if i use this as a highlighter, it does not stand out as a coating of light color on top of my skin. what i think is really amazing about this color is the way it blends onto the skin. it is not thick or frosty. its shimmery. it makes your skin look alive. i too am surprised that not more ppl have reviewed this. this is the easiest color i have ever worn. the very best light neutral color.

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