what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?3 easy to use eyeshadow compare

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By Monica

what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 easy to use eyeshadow compare!


Urban Decay Matte eyeshadow Cult

Review by DawnD: I bought this based on the reviews here, and once again, I am not disappointed by MUA-ers. This is my first UD purchase and I am impressed with the quality - the texture is smooth and the pigmentation is just right. This can be used for the whole spectrum of eyeshadow application, from a subtle liner all the way to a dramatic smokey eye. The gray/purple shade is fantastic for bringing out the green in my eyes. I'm already planning my trip back to Sephora to pick up a few more UD shadows.

Review by Newme: As others have described it, this is a nice grayish-purple and I love that it's matte and goes on very smoothly. However...even with UD Primer Potion underneath it, this only lasts a couple of hours on me before it starts fading away. I expected more from this brand and for this price!
Edit: It seems to be lasting on me better now for some reason...added a lippie. :)

Review by lbarnold: Cult is a gray-ish (and I use that term lightly) purple matte shadow. Love it. It's not over bearing like some purples you will come across, not chalky either. It's a tame shade that's very wearable for work or to balance out a shimmery shadow on the lid, which is what I use it for.

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NARS Arctic Eyeshadow Duo

Review by srobinb: All in all, this is a fairly good duo from NARS. Although the one thing I really dislike about NARS duos is the colors rarely seem complimentary, and they put some odd colors together, this being the case with this duo. One color is a medium metallic grey/silver, the other shade is a medium to deep wine/burgundy. Both shades have shimmer to them and are incredibly pigmented and apply smoothly. However I would never in a million years wear these two shades together, but they're wonderful paired with other shadows separately. Both colors are truly beautiful on my brown eyes!! Definitely one of the betters NARS duos in my stash!

Review by GreeneyedGal: I got this for 8 bucks at C.O. Bigelow. I love how the two colors work together magically because I was hesitant about them in the same duo. Extremely pigmented.

Review by cloud0204: daaaang these duos are expensive!!! goodness gracious..30 bucks for 2 shadows. But besides the price i love the colors...very opaque silvery shadow, almsot like stila diamond only has more black in it. and a deep rich burgandy/wine color. both very beautiful colors for and alternative to the black smokey look.

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Urban Decay The Feminine Palette

Review by Jennybear: The colors are gorgeous, but a few are hard to work with. I adore aquarius but unless you're a pro, it's difficult to make it look good on the eye. Midnight Cowboy is notoriously hard to work with, although a beautiful color. And the other shades are nice, but I just don't think they're worth the high price tag. I'm normally a drugstore gal and I was expecting more from a high end shadow.
The eyeliner is the best I've ever used and would repurchase separately. It glides on so smoothly!

Review by iberian: I got this last month as a birthday gift. The shadows are super pretty (especially aquarius and ecstacy). I can create a nice neutral day-time look using the 'midnight cowboy' and 'stray-dog' shades and amp it up with a night-time look using 'dark-horse' and 'ecstacy'. All six colours have excellent pigmentation and are of shimmer finishes. They look pretty good on my medium skin-tone with the exception of 'surf' - its a light pink shade that I find a bit hard to pull off. Since I don't wear too many bright shadows, this palette is great since you get 4 neutral shades and 2 bright colours, so you can mix and match to create the look you want. Also comes with an UD eyeliner in 'zero' and an eye primer potion in 'eden'. 'Midnight cowboy' has a bit more glitter/shimmer than the other 5 shades, so it has a little bit of fall-out. Other than that, its a pretty decent palette.

Review by Cristy1970: Wow. Saw this by chance at Ulta when I was running an errand. Couldn't help myself!!! Love the colors this comes with, the perfect shades for romantic/feminine looks. Comes with 6 shades, primer potion, and eyeliner. All of my favorite things! Only complain is that I feel the glitter in the shadows is a little too heavy, but when used with the matte primer potion, it evens out.

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