what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?3 best-selling eyeshadow ranking

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By Sara

what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best-selling eyeshadow ranking!


Avon True Color Eyeshadow Single - Turquoise

Review by sophie_tan: I love this eyeshadow! it's very pigmented and it's good for the spring and summer time. I usually use it with a light yellow eyeshadow on my lid and this turquoise color on my lid. it would be a really good product for a beginner or someone who is just looking for a good quality product at a low price.

Review by JettNY: I love this color it is perfect for summer. I do not use it as an allover eyeshadow but to line my upper and lower lash lines. I have blue eyes so I do not think it really brings them out or anything but it does look playful for the summer and I really love turquoise and teal shades and this one is a beauty

Review by kitkat85: I love glitter and turquoise so this was great to me. It tends to smudge and crease, which is my only problem with it. Very pretty metallic shade though more teal-like.

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Prestige Beauty Bar Eye Shadow Palette in Surrey

Review by oneofmylies99: I like these colours, and love using them, great product, my only complaint is the sponge that comes with it have 2 sides and there are 4 colours. I will buy again.

Review by Alexis: I am so glad I purchased this palette. I watch a YouTuber use this palette a couple of times. After seeing the great results she was achieving I decided I wanted to purchase it. I couldn't find it locally so I luckily found it on eBay for only 4.55. Wow!!! I love this palette! I am very pleased with the gorgeous colors. The pigmentation on all colors is awesome. I am so glad I found this palette. I did a gorgeous look today for church that could also be for work or a date. Girls, if you come across this palette, get it.

Review by Lyssa2676: Not only do I have Surrey, I also purchased Camouflage and Marsh. They are all highly pigmented and smooth. My only criticism is the clunky packaging.

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NARS Eyeshadow in Night Porter

Review by rebec75: i really like the night porter, but weirdly, two other friends' night porter smashed into pieces. weird, since none of the other nars eyeshadows have done this to me or anyone else that i know of. at least, not in different colors. again, as i said in night clubbing review, it tends to fleck off and get rather messy, but i use it mostly as a liner. i also found a loose powder color very very similar to this in bare escentuals with black emerald. it's a bit cheaper. regardless, i'd have to use this with my paula dorf transformer to make it stick. great color, though.

Review by leeyao: This eyeshadow is very pretty. Although, I rarely use it as a shadow. As others have noted, I think some of the darker Nars shadows are best as 'cake' liners. This one is a super dark emerald green with shimmer. I use the tip of my MAC #231 brush (slightly damp) to line eyes with this. It lasts all day, and gives me a nice subtle flash of green shimmer against my dark brown eyes. The crazy thing is - I never even wore eyeliner before this, because pencils and liquid alike were always so messy and seemed to apply unevenly no matter what I did. I could apply this even in a rush, and it looks PERFECT! The buttery texture of these do actually make it very easy for the shadow to break apart in its case. So if you have one of these, try to make sure the case doesn't get roughed up a lot (or heaven forbid dropped) while handling.

Review by coolRED: This was actually my first NARS eyshadow and it is still one of my favorites. It's a blackened green with shimmer/green microglitter. Looks amazing wet as a liner, or for a smoky eye. I have tons of eyeshadows like this, but this one is of superior quality and it's easy to blend. I love the NARS rubber packaging and the mirror inside. I would definitely like to purchase more of the Night shadows.

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