what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?3 best eyeshadow brand

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what to look for when buying a eyeshadow?Let's see the 3 best eyeshadow brand!


L'Oreal On the Loose Shimmering Powder in Hyperspace

Review by i_darling: I don't use this very often on my eyes (I like a slightly lighter shade), but it's a godsend for my legs -- I mix a little dab into my perfumed lotion and all of a sudden I'm not quite as scary-pale. Occasionally I'll mix a little of this into my blush as well. And when I had blond highlights in my dark hair (lo those many years ago), I also found this useful for touching up the roots. So all in all, it's pretty useful stuff -- think of it as an enhancer for all your other cosmetics.

Review by ZoSo: This was the first color I tried, and I love it. It's not bright gold, kind of an olive gold. One of my friends used to mix it with clear lipgloss and use it as lipstick- it actually looked really cute.

Review by kimberpoo: The best way to describe this color is 'antique gold'. It can go on sheer as a very flattering golden highlight. While it isn't the most versatile color, the OTL line is relatively inexpensive and easy to use and is a good format to have this color in. Hyperspace is definitely warm toned and usually me and my NW15 ways tend to lean more toward neutral colors. I've recently ventured out and dyed my hair bright red, which someone, who shall remain nameless, said is ?the color of a baboon's bottom during mating season?. Being no expert on that topic, a baboon?s butt does not come to mind when I look in a mirror and I think my hair looks just fine. It even warms up my pasty complexion so I can wear such neat-o colors as hyperspace.

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Origins Eye Brightening Color Stick

Review by lipstickcrazy: In theory, this pencil is a good idea. The color blue supposedly enhances the whites of your eyes, making them appear brighter, larger and more wide awake. On my medium NC30 skin, I have to apply this sparingly and blend well with my fingertips otherwise the baby blue color will stick out like a sore thumb. I?ve purchased cheap drugstore white eyeliners and I don?t think this is better even though it is more expensive. The pencil glides on and blends well but overall the product is lackluster.

Review by cweiss: What an interesting product. The color itself looks like a robin's egg blue in the stick, but once you blend it , it just brightens rather than adding color. I have deep-set eyes with dark coloration; I use this on the brow bone over eyeshadow and POP! Will definitely buy this again if I ever use the whole thing up!

Review by bossanovaville: This pale blue pencil is wonderful, because it's the first eye brightening product which does keep promise and really makes my eyes pop! I use it to hide my nasty, dark under-eye circles although it's supposed to be used on the upper lash line. Since I wasn't pleased with the result there I tried it for the under-eye area and voilĂ  it did a great job! I definitely will buy it again! No question!

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Milani Java Bean (18)

Review by dontblink15: This e/s exceeded my expectations. Gorgeous shimmery plummy brown with a hint of taupe(?) Absolutely a must!

Review by scrapdoll: Gorgeous, shimmery, plummy brown shade. A must have for anyone who loves the MAC family of these kind of shadows like Mulch, Sable, and Antiqued. The quality of this shadow is on par with the likes of MAC for a fraction of the price. Love it!

Review by aguskl: After reading all the raves, I wanted Java Bean to work for me. Being cool complected (NW15), browns often leave me looking washed out. I had high hopes b/c the Milani shadows have lovely texture. Sadly, this color does not work for me. (looks great on my olive-skinned DD tho). I'll stick with Icy Plum and the quads. My biggest complaint with Milani is that the compacts tend to break and the product cracks and crumbles easily. Par for the course with such a super low price-point. Will repurchase other colors.

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