what to look for when buying a eyeliner?3 top eyeliner reviews

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By Christina

what to look for when buying a eyeliner?Let's see the 3 top eyeliner reviews!


Wet 'n' Wild Mega Liner Liquid Eyeliner in Turquoise

Review by dastac: I absolutely love this liner! I do have to say that on me it appears to be a beautiful greenish color and bring out the green in my eyes. One other thing I love is the staying power...all day!! I am starting to really see a real improvement in a lot of WnW products and they are dirt cheap so I get to play around and not break my budget!

Review by bekkbekk1985: I didn't have great expectations for this product. I liked the color and it was cheap, so I thought I'd try it out and eventually get a department store brand if it complimented my eyes. I was very surprised by quality of the product. It isn't too watery and applies very opaque. The brush isn't too long or flexible, and the liner stayed on all day without fading or smearing. This isn't a "turquoise," but more of a green, and definitely nothing like the swatch on the display, but still a gorgeous color.

Review by lipstickcrazy: This is my favourite coloured liquid liner. The colour, despite being called Turquoise, is really more of a bright emerald green - a gorgeous colour with a hint of shimmer. It reminds me of St. Patrick's Day whenever I wear it!!
The brush is thin and it is easy to paint a thin or thick line with it. The colour doesn't fade or smear throughout the day, nor does it crease on my oily lids. I bought it for about 5 at Zellers.

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Maybelline Eye Studio Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner

Review by sophie_tan: The wand is very light and the line drawn is very precise. I bought it in Dark Brown as I dont like my eyeliner too intense. It is a pretty good new product. Only downside (for me) is that it dries too quickly and I am still not accustomed to using a liquid eyeliner. It also seems like this product can be only be found in Asia.

Review by JettNY: This is a great drugstore alternative to the bobbi brown gel liner. I have this in brown, and although I find that you do have to layer this a few times to get a good colour, if you can find this on sale it is a decent price, and the product lasts for a long time (I've had mine for 4 months, and still have plenty left).

Review by coolRED: this is the best liquid eyeliner for a beginner. the brush is stiff so it don't mess a lot. it only available in 1 shade, black. when i first bought this, i'm really surprised see the price. it only cost Rp 50.000 or 5!! overall, i'm satisfied with this eyeliner :)

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Prestige Liquid Eyeliner - Legend

Review by jamelia: I bought this years ago for high school prom and I didn't appreciate it back then since I had no idea how to apply liquid eyeliner. Recently, I bought it again because I was starting my search for an HG liquid eyeliner. Well, after trying other liquid eyeliners, I finally appreciate this one. It's a very pretty bronze color and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the brush! It's stiff enough to create a perfect thin-medium line but soft enough to glide right across your eyelids. And the pigmentation can't be beat, the color comes out really even and vibrant. Despite the look of the tiny bottle, this eyeliner lasts for awhile. Defintely will repurchase again, along with other shades.

Review by mriaow: I love Prestige liquid liners! I nabbed this at Walgreen's for 1.29. :)
It's lovely. The felt tip applicator is easy to use. The color is a really warm coppery bronze color. It's really pretty.
The consistency is not too watery, but not gloppy either, at least my bottle wasn't gloppy at all. It's fantastic. Truly a great drugstore find.

Review by staci01: omg, i'm in love! my first experience with liquid e/l, and will probably be my best. soo easy to apply with the stiff brush- your line can be thick or thin. i also like the long handle, which makes application easier. It's a smooth metallic bronze shade- after applying this and black mascara, i'm set.

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